Memory leak

The problem is not related to Comodo. After 3 days of running without Comodo the problem showed up again

I have 2 windows 7 Ultimate running under VMWare. Both ave been running the free version of Internet Security for a couple of years.
I installed Internet Security Pro on one. This W7 gets a lot of attempts to login from bandits on the net, especially computerdriven attempts
as can be seen on the frequency and the jumping around of winlogon ad LoginUI on the task manager. It also results in a steady increase
of used memory. When the system is started it uses around 2 GB. After a while the login hacking attacks starts and the memory usage increases slow and steady
up to 8 GB. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the W7.

I uninstalled Internet security Pro and started the Windows Firewall with default values. I still get the login attempts and a slight increase of memory usage but
it backs down to normal after a while.

I have chased this problem for a week and the only thing that stops the memory leak is not to run comodo

An absoulye clear sign of a memory leak in Comodo
I am now running with the W7 Firewall only and have no problems of this kind

In order to forward this to the devs can you please edit your post using the required format: Comodo Forum

Also create a full dump for the CIS processes that is experiencing the memory leak. Once you obtain the full dump upload here and post of link so the devs can download it.

Since there has been no reply im going to move this to incomplete. Feel free to edit your first post using the required format and i will continue to process this bug report.