Matousec Firewall Test Results - Latest Nov 2007

Comodo is now in 3rd place. Fingers crossed CPF 3 will be able to prevent these leaks.

CPF3 will/are prevent/ing those leaks :wink:
Wait few months till CPF3 is released as final, and it’ll be on the top of that list!
And I guess Online Armor and Otupost have released new versions since the last test, that’s why they got 100% :wink:

Ragwing (V)

Yes, but the article also states Matousec re-programmed the leak tests and some are new as well. But if CFP3 will handle these new tests, then it will lexicographically (Matousec’s term ;D) be on the top of the list if he sorts it alphabetically. Now, the only reason why CFP2.4 didn’t score perfect points was due to the default settings not being at the maximum security level (i.e. Safelist was enabled to accommodate the convenience for the average/newbie user).

just read the test report… looks like it the same results for comodo as the other time, but this time there is serious competition.
anyway the test is for comodo firewall 2.4, I’ll wait for the cpf 3 tests

Can’t wait until version 3 comes out to take the top of the list again :smiley:

V2 is able to pass ALL those tests. It scored 3rd because the default settings were not able to catch all those leaktests.
The only reason for those defaults I bet were users complaining that V2 was too difficult to use 88)

So if comodo re-release V2 with more strict defaults it will score 1st again (anyway only due to alphabethic sorting).

BTW it was unespected to see Agnitum Outpost score first after all that flamewar against Matousec who blamed outpost to cheat using usermode hooks.
Does this means that Agnitum took back its statements when declared usermode hooks is a fundamental part of its protection in order to comply
with Patchguard and provide realtime detection?

People are always attracted by comparision charts or whatever and jump at the conclusion like leak tests are the primary measure of a firewall’s strength when in fact they’re just one factor. Also, if you’ll notice CFP 2.4 is technically 2nd place, not 3rd place because Online Armor and Outpost are both TIED.

wait for v3 :slight_smile:

then watch everyone else trying to catch us up, just like we did with 2.4 (:KWL) it took them over a year to achieve what we achieved with 2.4!!! oh btw, 2.4 does pass them all (the test only tests if by default or not, it is not that 2.4 doesn’t have the capability)… While everyone else was trying to catch up to 2.4… we were busy building the next generation of Desktop Protection :slight_smile:


This time it might take them more than 1 year to catch up to v3 :-*

Playing catch up? Kind of childish don’t you think?
Big friggin deal CPF dropped down a couple of spots or if its technically 2nd place because OA and OP tied for 1st, anything to get a slight edge in the competiton I guess. 88)
Damn, its not like CPF dropped down to 10th place, its still a good firewall right, that’s what should matter.
If CPF 3 is as good as advertised than no worries it will be back in its rightful spot of being number 1.

Nothing has changed for us in version 2.4, competitors just upgraded their versions, charging users more money so they could barely surpass the firewall by default settings over a year later…

Now Comodo is almost finished with their next generation firewall and the two companies on top right now won’t know what hit 'em ;D

When is version 3.0 coming out anyway? I really hope Comodo Becomes no. 1 again.!!! (:CLP)

No one know when it’ll come out :wink: But as usually, I say January-February 2008, it sounds logical, as there’s going to be one or more RC’s, possible one in the end of December, and maybe a second in late January, so in February if we’re lucky. But as I said, no one knows, not even me, so you’ll just have to wait :slight_smile:


Actually if you ask me Comodo is really in 2nd place. Because the two firewall at the top have the same scores… :THNK

Justin that is kinda misleading I would say. Online Armor as tested was their Free version. It is one of the simplest firewalls around. I can’t think of one that is simpler for users of any skill level. I like Comodo very much and like the advances in the betas but as far as ease of use goes; it needs improvement. Don’t get me wrong I like CFP very much and still use Comodo as well as OnlineArmor.

Online Armor has always been a HIPS and just within the last year has added a firewall. OA’s firewall is it’s first generation firewall so it has done quite well considering how new it is. I’m not sure what is going to hit’em but I hope it something easy and powerful. ;D

We the users, surely benefit by these two fine firewalls which happen to be free. For those that like leaktests, we have the first and second spots. I enjoy beta testing both firewalls. I can’t comment on OutPost because I haven’t used it since around 2.5. It’s a full blown security suite now isn’t it?

have a nice day

v2.4 does have the capability to pass all these tests… just that default settings tested doesn’t…

so the product is very much capable of 100%.

but… v3 is even more capable :slight_smile:


Yes, I just tried their their free version, I agree It is much simpler to use, Comodo is more complex & the ony gripe I have about it is that it sometimes forgets its rule. That is also correct we the users benefit from both Comodo & Online Armor, Both Great firewalls. which are both free. :BNC

Strange thing to say perhaps, but I’m not so sure that I’ll upgrade to v3 since the current version works perfectly for me.

Stick with what you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind there are other considerations because in the future older versions won’t be supported (e.g. the safelist becomes even more obsolete).

Though I bet they’ve kept an eye on the 3.0 betas! :smiley:

Good to hear that only the default settings keeps v 2.4 from 100%. The fact that 2.4 allows those safe list programs does not concern me at all. What concerns me is rather that every MS app. (like explorer.exe, paint.exe etc) constantly wants to access the internet. But that’s not Comodo’s fault.

Comodo, congratulations for keeping the great level! (:CLP)

As for the upcoming v 3, I believe it’ll be like the very car of my avatar (I could be wrong about the car, but you’ll get my point): Jaguar Sovereign.