Malwarebytes Comodo Xcitium EDR

Am I dreaming, or has Malwarebytes bought out Comodo Xcitium?

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Malwarebytes indeed bought Xcitium EDR because Xcitium EDR is the best

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Thank you very much Nik123 for your reply.

Yes, but I see two things:

  1. They sell it as if it were their own

  2. It won’t be free anymore! (Now I understand why my account isn’t working!)

Are they using Comodo Xcitium’s technology, or has Comodo Xcitium abandoned (completely sold) its technology to them?

When Malwarebytes Bought Xcitium EDR they partner with them and they use Xcitiums Technology
But Xcitium EDR is of course free not paid i dont know about Malwarebytes i will need to check it out

Thanks for the info Nik123, as I couldn’t find any news about this.

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i have on my Laptop Xcitium AEP and its amazing

However, it seems that only the trial is free…

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response pour les entreprises | Malwarebytes

30 days trial right?

I have my doubts…

Because, if they only used Xcitium Comodo technology, on the Xcitium website, it wouldn’t be called Malwarebytes EDR, but still Xcitium EDR.

We’d like it to be free for life… Like before … :candle:

But still they use their technology they bought Xcitium and xcitiums technolgy and the most powerfull feature which is Sandbox

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Strange that there was no press release.

We’ll know more soon, I imagine.

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@ilgaz should know more about this as he is Xcitium Staff

Unless now he’s a member of the Malwarebytes staff! :grinning: :grinning:

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Ilgaz is a staff member of Malwarebytes too?

haha, in their dream! They can’t afford to buy Xcitium :wink:


we are all here for you as “Comodo” (or Xcitium).

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For so long… you’ll soon have grey hair!

Thank you so much!

I hope there will soon be a press article telling how Malwarebytes became interested in your technology and the story of the deal. :wink: