Make CIS intallation modular [M1983]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently, CIS installation is a multi-windows process:

  • First, you can opt in or out of “Cloud Based Behavior Analysis” and “Program Usage Data”
  • Then, you can opt in or out of “Comodo DNS” and “Yahoo! homepage/search provider”
  • Last, by the custom installation, you can choose whether or not to install CAV, CFW, GeekBuddy, Chromodo, PrivDog

Let’s say that you choose to install CAV + CFW. Like this everything will be installed and you can disable some features (i. e.: HIPS, viruscope, webfiltering) after installation, in the advanced settings

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Upon CIS installation only one window should appear, where you have all the options that you can enable or disable.
The main difference with the current installation should be that, if you choose to disable one feature (i. e.: webfiltering), that feature should not been installed at all (right now that feature will be installed, even if you can disable it later).
If later you wanna install that feature, you have to use the “Add and Remove components” command.
I don’t know how deep you can go with this modularity, but the best would be to choose among:

  • AV (based on digital signatures)
  • HIPS
  • Sandbox
  • Viruscope
  • FW
  • Webfiltering
  • File rating / Cloud lookup (hopefully in future it will be a full cloud AV, something like CCAV)
  • GeekBuddy
  • Comodo DNS
  • Yahoo!
  • Chromodo
  • PrivDog
  • Program Usage Data

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Installing features you don’t need (and you will disable) it’s a waste of HD space and PC resources.
Many users would like to be able to choose how CIS should be (either a heavyweight champion or a lightweight security suite), depending on everybody’s needs

4. Any other information:

definitively support it.

18 votes for yes and no response from comodo… really nice…