Machine vs Human - A War Underway!

Well it has started!!! Please read and give your feedback…



Well a large part of the problem is human ignorance/stupidity/malevolence of course.

The Turing Test doesn’t allow for the difficulty of many humans not passing it.

Regarding humans I have been working with Comodo for over six years and I just spoke with the best technical support human I have ever dealt with at your company and his name is Lindsay. Please hire more like him.


Pippin Wallace
Hosting Sys Admin
RightNow Technologies

Humans will win this war… Thanks to COMODO.


Thanks for that Pippin, we really appreciate your feedback. But Lyndsay is a Cyborg!! :slight_smile:



I love you Comodo, we will win this fight against them nasty infectious viruses TOGETHER!! GO COMODO!!! :BNC

The machine isn’t the problem. What gives it ‘presence’, is. As long as an OS exists that can be externally altered, nothing will change.

Terminators have a single role. That’s what makes them so good at what they do. Give them choices, like real people, they fall apart as they become susceptible to being coherced into the wrong decision.

People have a need to show they can do better than what exists. The war will never end.

I would say it’s war humans vs humans.

Wouldn’t it make sense for someone to develop a technology that can tell the difference b/t a human and a machine? From the first data input through the entire session…staying active on every page? Lots of the criminals have hired cheap labor to log in as humans, but then switch to bots. A technology determining human vs. machine through out the entire section would help…my two cents. Is there anything out there like this?

There are many attempts at doing that. One good example would be CAPTCHAs. These are graphical texts that you need to enter into a text box. The idea is that a human can decipher what is being said in that graphic whereas its more difficult for bots to do that.


I think its strange, how we could probably make a CAPTCHA that is so complex, that only a machine would be able to decipher. Yet, also, we can make CAPTCHA’s that are so complex, only a human can decipher.

Maybe we are the same, just running different Code.

Like you said…

Just like the DNA that gives us our code about what us humans should do, programs tell machines what they should do!

It just makes you wonder who is Programming us, and who will be Programming the machines in the Future… China?

I need sleep… That’s just too dang freaky…

Captcha does not work. Like I said, the bad guys hire very cheap labor to break captcha and once they are in they turn on the bots. There needs to be something that can tell if it is a human or a bot providing the data inputs. It needs to be active in the entire session so as soon as it changes from human to machine they can detect and block, put into a sand box, whatever they think is right based on the actions. There is a company out of Georgia called Pramana that have developed this kind of thing. They spun out of Georgia Tech where they have a large botnet research program. What do you think about that kind of technology?

I could ‘control Rats’, if I could Program their reality.

The same is True for all animals.

I ‘could’ make them do what ‘I’ wanted, regardless of what ‘they’ themselves wanted.

If I had the Technolodgy to make them live Forever, I could control them Forever.

I would become the God (or Devil) of thier World.

All Human Intelligence MUST be made/kept ‘equal’.

Indeed you are presenting interesting thoughts about who and what controls the software that runs humans… Will we ever find out? Can we ever find out? For you to find that out, don’t you have to extracate yourself from your reality and how can you do that when you are programmed to live that reality?

Great discussion topics over few beers :■■■■


That ■■■■ looks so Cold and Real… But I know that its just the Matrix telling my brain that it is Cold and Real! :smiley:

I doubt that… I should imagine they thoroughly beta tested it before the Final Release! ;D

There’s nothing on the Metasploit Forums…

I'll Post another serious Post in this thread in a couple of days. I need some time to think about it. Its more related to my last Post than 'DNA Code' or anything 'outside of our reality'. :-TU

Well what if started already!

A cuple years ago i was playing a game and it was me vs AI the scary part was that after i destroyed 100+ ships, all of the enemys stoped shotting at me but still followed me like i was there learder! lol

The only Problem i see is that within the next 20 to 30 years a computer will have AI close to that of a kid!
Now what if that AI kid OS got infected with viruses it may try to fix itself, they would most likely work with other AI’s on the web to find a solution to all malware! If they came to the fact the we humans were making the malware and that the only solution would be to kill us because we where harming them.

Machines will achieve human level artificial intelligence by 2029.

I will be here all day if I was to write my Hypothesis for the ‘Sub World’. So I will just mention few things, in this order, and hopefully you will be able to work out why I think that Nuclear Weapons are no longer the greatest threat to Mankind.

I must warn you that I am a paranoid person anyway in Real Life, so this ‘could’ be just another one of those False Positives, but it looks insanely Real to me.

Add all of these together, and see how you feel when you reach the bottom of the list…

  • Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity. (Exponentially Rising Technology, 2045.)
  • The desire to ‘Virtually Map’ the Real World.
  • Virtual Reality which is very difficult (maybe impossible) to distinguish from ‘Reality’.
  • Internet Connections. (Multiplayer at Extremely High Speed.)
  • Computer Game Developers. (WoW & Second Life; Virtual Worlds.)
  • Remote Control Software.
  • Black Hat Hackers.
  • Terrorists with huge amounts of Cash.
  • Cyborg Computer Programmers with ‘Super Human Intelligence’. (Their intellectual abilities are based on their Finances; upgrades they can Afford. Perfect for Capitalists, but only ONE person can win at ‘Monopoly’.)
  • Rich People with a lust for Power, and Control over People. (Aldous Huxley’s ‘Scientific Dictatorship’.)
  • Potential Technology to allow (or Force) Humans to ‘live Forever’.

After considering the list above, I see that the Richest Person alive, could become the God (or Devil) of the Sub World.

What is this Hypothesised ‘Sub Word’?

Let’s imagine that what we perceive as ‘Real Life’ is the Matrix (like the Film). Well, if the Matrix was imagined instead, to be like a Computer’s Operating System, then the ‘Sub Word’ could also be imagined as a Virtual Machine running ‘inside’ the ‘Real World/Operating System’ (a World inside a World). Though it could also be imagined like a Sandbox (Sandboxie for example). (Basically, it’s Virtual Reality; a Virtual World.)

Sandboxie is a utility which makes Programs think that they were born in, lived in, and died in, the Real O/S. An idea like this could be used to make a Person grow/harvest Food in the Real World, even though they are only aware of the Virtual World they were born in. When they eat the Food, they aren’t Really eating the Real Food, though they Really did grow/harvest it. They can Feel it, Smell it and Taste it, but its just Electrical Signals sent to their Brain. The Real Product was actually made in your World, though ‘they’ did all of the Manual Labour!: You could make People do anything you wanted if you controlled their Reality. Including ‘building Space Vehicles’. I hope that AI and Robots are used instead of ‘Biological Living Brains’.

If someone had Control over your ‘Virtual Reality’, and they could Program it while you were living in it, and they had Super Human Intelligence, and they took Control of EVERY device connected to the Internet. You may never get out… You may just become part of some Intelligent Designer’s ‘Dream’.

Its funny; when I use Software like VMware, I can’t help but wonder if I can install a VM inside a VM, and another VM inside that VM, etc… But with Computers, it depends on the Host O/S’s Resources.

If Space/Time is infinite, there could be an infinite number of Sub World’s, all inside each other; Dream’s within Dream’s perhaps? :slight_smile:

How can we stop a Sub World from developing?

Well if their “intellectual abilities are based on their Finances”, then changing the Financial System may work? One wage for all; the Minimum Wage and the Maximum Wage are both set at the same figure (equal)? I am not an Economist, so I don’t even know if that’s possible…

Maybe ‘this’ is the best answer I’ve seen so far.

[b]Just a quick message in case there are any NWO Conspiracy Crackpots reading.[/b]

If you ask me if I believe this is related to the ‘NWO’, I would laugh at you and say, “Absolutely not!”.

If you ask me if I believe this is related to the so called ‘Secret Illuminati Government’, I would laugh at you and say, “Absolutely not!”.

I believe the Government’s browse the Internet looking for answers, just as much as we do. I just hope those ‘answers’ don’t become part of some Super Human’s thoughts, and changed/manipulated for his/her benefit, in the near Future, after the Singularity has passed. Or if they do, I hope that the Super Human (or God), isn’t a Malicious Selfish Control Freak.

Oh ■■■■’… I didn’t mean to write that much. I got carried away. Sorry! ;D

:smiley: >:-D >:-D
Computer will win if we teach it maneuver,tactic!No need more intelligent,no need more “logic”
(when we click shut down,computer says that it’s shutting down but actually it’s working)

it can be never Machine vs Human, Human is best and beautiful creation of the nature and it has a lot of brain, knowledge, working capacity. only because its knowledge it can make machines.

what type machine we can not buy in the market made by human. so those machine which are made by human can give challenge Human? never…

yes, in some films the robots trying to overtake human like terminator, in hindi robot or so many onother films, machines could not win human. so there is no way machina vs human.