Machine vs Human - A War Underway!

I thought the idea about captchas is that a human can decipher it where a machine cannot. However, it is possible to have a machine decipther captchas.

According to This post :

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If that is correct can we lock down some of these topics too


We tend to leave topics open rather than close them. It keeps the opportunity open to reply. Because it doesn’t happen often we decide on a per case basis if posting way past the date is appropriate or not.

Yours is not needed, not on topic and is part of cross posting.

Please don’t respond to this other than by pm.

Let’s leave this open…

i am sure Skynet will be commenting on this issue… of these days! ( if it hasn’t already… )

:smiley: ( probably it will slain us all… i am sure) >:-D

:smiley: hehehehehehe

If my previous post seems confusing, watch “Transcendence 2014”. :slight_smile:

Video killed the radio star.