Lousiest Antispyware of 2007

I think SPYBOT now sucks the most!!! >:( But we can not blame them with limited resources & money. Too bad, I think would be very good if the creator had proper funding. :-\

Odd, I would assume everyone would be likely to pick Windows defender since well… it sucks!

Actually Microsoft Defender is now better than Spybot, because Microsoft just bought some good antispyware companies. But it still cannot compare to the best antispyware out there… (:AGL)

Oh? what Companies did it buy out???

Giant Antispyware & some others, Check Yahoo or Google & look for microsoft latest acquistions… (:WAV)

Giant were the original developers of now-called Windows Defender, before the purchase the program had nothing to do with Microsoft.

Anyway test results and reviews are few in the “antispyware” field, compared to the “antivirus” one. I use Spyware Terminator because I’ve consistently heard good things about it, but I think I’ll be dumping it once CFP v3 is out and functional because that will make ST’s HIPS redundant and I don’t feel I need additional antispyware protection besides BOClean, especially with my blocking stuff from the browser itself.

No offence meant towards Spybot but a good product should imply or include the ability to raise income (even freeware).

I’ll put my vote on Windows Defender, all Microsoft products suck(even Windows :P), and it crashed my computer :smiley:
I don’t see anything wrong with Spybot, only problem is that it loads very slow. Also it maybe doesn’t update so often, but TeaTimer and the Immunize function makes it a good application. Also like mentioned, Spybot is freeward, which means it have limited resources, Microsoft has billions of dollar.
Also, I’ve never heard of Spy Remover, Spy Eraser or Spy Emergency, now that’s strange…


I’ve got no clue about the effectivity of its protection, but I used WD for some time and it never caused any trouble. I mean zero bugs experienced, compared for example with quite some unfortunate happenstances caused by CFP, and even thus I’m freaking happy with CFP. Also WD is so set-and-forget that, the only reason I wouldn’t recommend it to green users, is because I’d recommed BOClean instead, and although both can be used together I don’t think WD is needed at all on top of BOC.

The title of lousiest antispyware should be shared by all those fake,rogue antispy apps that scare people into purchasing the junk with pop ups showing all manner of nasties supposedly infecting the system.


Well, theoretically they’re spyware, and not anti-spyware :wink:
But yes, we all hate those idiots that fool people with fake anti-spyware products.


Yes that’s true but I’d rather label that kind of junk as lousy rather than the likes of Spybot,which although not the best protection at least they’re an honest company. :■■■■



What is it you are posting? I don’t wan’t to say you’re not welcome here, but (read the other threads)
what are you TRYING to do here?

By the way, the newest version of Spybot is MORE THAN GREAT.
It’s immunization database is HUGE, to say the least.

Be warned, (still…) friend!

If you try to make this a platform for your personal PAYWARE ADVERTISING, here these words from a USER WHO IS NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER:

This board was created to HELP people get RID of payware ■■■■ like NORTON (sorry, Norton)


OF COURSE there are MEGA (not by quality of product, though) COMPANIES out there who bought up (and who still are doing that “thing”) great former (independent) companies because of commercial reasons. Just remember SYGATE. Or, as YOU said, GIANT (but, dear friend, that Giant thing was LONG ago…)

No need to check Google or Yahoo for that…

Relying on ancient stories is not the best way of advertising payware, my dear…


well then


Sorry to say so, I am not usually (as anyone here will know) using such words…
I don’t like to say them.
Really not.
But… ok I’ll do my best in not provoking…


@ “Ultragunner”

Sorry, yes. But I deem it necessary to talk like that now.


In defence of “Spybot Search & Destroy”

I think SPYBOT now sucks the most!!! Angry

This is what YOU just said.

Shame on you.
It’s a great prog.
Way better than SpySweeper, for instance.

No cheers at this tragic moment in forum history.

To: Morphos rebol

Look I dont understand your personal attacks on me. (:SAD) Spybot sucks to me & that is my opinion.
If it doesnt suck to you, that is your opinion not mine. So kindly cease with your personal attacks pls. (:KWL)

Well here i go… The only Reason Spybot Search & Destroy is not a #1 anti spyware is bacause it has limited income for research unlike most anti spyware’s… But imagine if money was not a problem I’m sure they would be a top 3 anti spyware.

No friend. @ Ultragunner

Those have not been personal attacks on YOU.
I’ve read through all your latest postings.

My attacks refer to them, not YOU. As a person.

Spybot S&D is a great addition to home user’s security, and YOU are trying to tell the opposite to forum readers. Same with your “detection analyses” that try to prove Avira’s detection is only capable of 30 percent.

It’s obvious, Mr. Prof. Comp. Shop

You try to BEND.
You try to SHAPE.

You try to pursuade people to get rid of some of the best security progs (oh, I forgot, they are free).

You should be ashamed.
And, I never said this to anyone before, I would like to not read anything new from you concerning security here.

We have many topics here relating non-security topics. Maybe we could go on discussing there? No problem with me. But please stop telling people getting rid of fine security progs just because they are free…

Your acting is WAY TOO obvious for me. You gotta learn a lot if you want to succeed. Let this be told.

Cheers again.


Understand this, I did not said Avira is capable of 30% detection, Now who is the liar here (:SAD)? Stop making things up. See my post again. It has best detection using 3 detection methods but its defense is lacking , Im using Avira Premium, myself thank you. So kindly think first before posting pls. I have nothing personal against you, by the way, So Calm down. (:WIN) Look If you really hate paid products & dont want to pay anything for it, I dont mind, it is your computer, not mine. :■■■■.

Well this is getting a bit to off topic… maybe we should refocus on the topic?

It was the site you tried to establish here that made me feel pain in the stomach.

No, you’re right, it was NEVER YOU who said AVIRA WAS THAT BAD.

Maybe it’s a chinese site? Sorry, you didn’t tell us.

But you were talking bout the newest analysis again and again and obviously tried to promote it as a reliable source, friend.

THAT was my REAL problem with your postings, as you might have noticed, nothing else (not even the many colours of your “ads”).