looks like CID's malware blocker isn't so good

I’ve recently switched to IceDragon because Dragon kept crashing my compy due to RAM abuse
(upon loading the browser, it alone consumed over 60% of my 2GB of RAM)

CID only uses about 400MB normally (averaging at 9 tabs)
(can’t give that in percentage because I’m currently using over 60% in included virtual RAM)
^2.60GB total usage

recently visited a WoT trusted site and was surprized to see Avast catch a malware disguised as a GIF:

looks like CID isn’t too much better than FF in terms of security… heh
(I even posted the popups which were supposed to be blocked)

when I browse, I prefer to block EVERYTHING, which Dragon seems to do much better.

I’m trying not to kill this copy of XP x64
(I’m smarter than everyone else when it comes to modern OS’s, which is why I use XP over Vista/7/8)
^ I’m not playing MS’s games where they and the gov’t can freely do whatever the F they want to your compy.
^ XP requires additional software before they can control your compy, where 7+ does not.

^ in that I’m requesting that you PLEASE don’t stop supporting WinXP. :slight_smile:


looks like CID isn't too much better than FF in terms of security... heh (I even posted the popups which were supposed [b]to be blocked[/b])
:-\ I only won't understand at what here CID? [s]You can explain to me.[/s] Thanks.


what I’m trying to explain is the site in the image (forget about what’s displayed on the page) contains ads and such that got through the malware blocker, and that it should be improved.

I added that I prefer to block everything when browsing which this browser doesn’t seem to do.

would be nice if CID allowed the option to block all cookies and JS as well as flash content and extensions.

heck, I can say Opera does a better job at blocking everything and keeping fairly low on RAM usage.
perhapse a request for a new browser: a rebuild of Opera. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Opera 12 as the most secure modern browser,
but found Dragon to take a non-secure browser such as Chrome and provide even better security. :stuck_out_tongue:
(I really hate chrome for killing my compy a while back, and laugh at Avast recommending it)
^ I rate it at the lowest security (if any)

I can’t rate IE12 after rating Chrome < IE9 < FF < IE8 < Opera 12 < Opera 19 (page-load issues on allowed pages)
but now I rate IceDragon < Dragon

such a shame I can’t use Dragon because Google doesn’t care about RAM -.-*
(yea, you guys are the last I blame on this) :slight_smile:

keep up your good work guys :wink:

again, I push that request to port Opera and give it better security :slight_smile:
(I love the way Opera handles, it’s just a little better than chrome, but very similar)

What to tell you.
1 . I use CID portable (without DNS Comodo) + additions for blocking of all of about what you described.
2 . Earlier I used a complete set of CIS ( long time ).
But now I use Avast 8 (only the AV module) + Comodo FW (without DNS Comodo).
3 . + I am behind a router.
4 . + I think that I will be download.
5 . I have no problems with safety.

The only thing that CID ceased to develop. Owing to what some additions already left forward. But the main work perfectly.

huh… and I’m using the DNS… I also have a few addons for blocking a few things…
I have multiple protections managing the same layers (more databases on that layer).

I’m hijacking a public connection (can’t afford my own) >3<

but still I expected the malware blocker to do it’s job.
I can’t say it’s not doing anything, I’m usually a dark-side dweller, but this is the first report in about 3-4 months usage.
before then I was using Dragon for a good 6 months with no reports. :slight_smile:

if it wasn’t doing anything, I’d most likely be having quite a few more reports :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t get on the page at all - 404. (your screenshot)

that was the direct image from:

[attachment deleted by admin]

that was the direct image from: https://picasaweb.google.com/tcll5850/ScreenShots02#6016622923141905058

you should be able to view it… :confused:

just did a check, the album was originally set to be public, but it reported only I could see the images…
looks like google is having issues again… heh
(Google+ should’ve never existed)

now you should be able to view, sorry about that. :slight_smile:

for something else to report… I’m getting popups from almost everywhere,
so I did a check on my settings, and sure enough, they’re just as I left them:


^ I only have just 1 exception

it’s looking to me like IceDragon isn’t much different from just using plain FF…
only security that seems to work is the DNS.
(it activates for my site-host 000webhost)
^ I’m using free, so the phishing report doesn’t bother me… heh

if an image is larger than w1000, while I can edit the link to change the size, I still post a link to the original rather than an image.
if it’s between w800 and w1000, I just resize to w800

in the image above, the original size is w836, if you want to edit the “s800” to “s836” in the link. :wink:

I see this forum sizes down the image, nice. :smiley:
may as well just put 836 then. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw I want to mention, I know I sound like I have a stick shoved so far up my A you can see it coming out of my head.
really, I mean no harm by anything, :wink:
I love your software and would more than gladly pay for it if I could even afford my own net connection… heh :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sounding harsh to make a push in the right direction. :wink:
(almost every software developer I come in contact with is a stuck-up hard-A and needs a good back-hand or so to get them to budge)

as for me, myself, and you know the rest :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a really kind person and offer the most of myself to help get things working the way everyone wants as well as help others to do what they need. :slight_smile:

Now the site works.
Only I won’t understand, what you there did? :-
All scripts are blocked, there is a redirection on other resources.
I too didn’t see any downloading.

To tell the truth I don’t understand your actions. That you did. ??? I simply wanted to check and look.

yes, everything in my settings is set to block everything…
so why is avast coming up with reported malware, and why am I getting popups when they’re supposed to be blocked?? :\

all I did was click a google link which took me to that page.
(there should only be that browser window open, where you can see popups (or pop-unders) in my task bar)

yea, literally, I clicked a google link and my compy went up in flames. XD

I was searching for another VS2010 ultimate ISO since my 500GB HDD went RAW for no reason (literally)
and ChkDsk forcefully repaired the filesystem, but destroyed the files. (including my last VS2010 ISO)
(I can’t use anything above VS2010 because I use XP)

Screenshot. I removed.
This beginning to the page.
Unlike your screenshot, I need to scroll until the end of the page much.

I don’t know why Avast gives the notification? I didn’t use never Web Shailed.
I so understood that you this question interests.

another one:


^2 more threats after I took this image

how are these sites getting through CID’s malware blockers??

I mean I’m glad I got Avast to pick this up, but this is very bad… VERY bad.
(browsers are not supposed to rely on virus software to do the browser’s job)

and this is after adding more addons and firewalls…

Hello Tcll,
Apparently is a domain spam (spam payload URL).
I reported this site to the Comodo, they will analyze it. :slight_smile:
Are you using Comodo Secure DNS?

Two useful tools for analyzing suspicious sites:
URLVoid http://www.urlvoid.com/
Web Inspector http://app.webinspector.com/

and in Webinspector you can report the site as malicious or even if it’s a false positive.
If you have any problems please report here:


[attachment deleted by admin]

thanks. :slight_smile:
and thanks for the tools, I’ll be sure to check them out :wink:

yep, speaking of which I can’t seem to connect to my site-host…
after setting the specified time to allow me access to this site and clicking the link or waiting 10 seconds, it takes me right back here:


it worked earlier on the other browser, but I’m not sure if this could also be a DNS issue that just popped up.

@those who say “then just use the other browser”:
I’ll crash my compy if I do that as I’m already running on HDD-RAM as I post this.
(currently running 2.34GB at 82% usage)
^ thank you VS2010 (3 projects open) and Skype

very nice =)
I like it :3

but alas, I need to visit the (infected) site for what it has…
I need armor… heh

knowing the site is infected is a +1 though =3
(it tells me to only go here if you can (armor) and have to)

Try to temporarily disable the comodo secure dns and reporting this issue here:

This warning is being displayed probably because some sites hosted on this service were abusing phishing techniques.
In the past I have received an email with this same domain … and it was a phishing >:-D

see graphic feedback:

It is your choice to decide to use this service hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome :wink:

but alas, I need to visit the (infected) site for what it has...
Always, when you visit any site and you see similar offers... (that for a fee to take free of charge). Always has to cause suspicion.

oh I’m not worried that I can’t access it right now :wink:
my site is really just web-junk atm… it’s crumbled cause I havn’t been able to get to it to update it… heh

^I’ll do that though :wink:

I did wanna try to build a login database on it for a forum plugin I’m building, but bleh… no big deal

lol I don’t doubt it, knowing their service and all, I’m not surprized about it. XD

I use the free service.
@000: no phishing for you, haw haw >:3

I also come prepaired for the virus stuff with my knowledge about what not to click,
and know better than to store personal info on my compy. :wink:

my knowledge is all sub-conscious (hit by reference), so if you’re looking for what I know,
it’ll take a good 2 days or so to recall a good fraction of it… heh

thanks :slight_smile: