Secure DNS does not allow to visit flagged webpage

what I’m reporting isn’t exactly a safe site being blocked,
but an unsafe site where the DNS doesn’t seem to catch itself when I try to proceed anyways…

yep, speaking of which I can’t seem to connect to my site-host…
after setting the specified time to allow me access to this site and clicking the link or waiting 10 seconds, it takes me right back here:

it worked earlier on the other browser, but I’m not sure if this could also be a DNS issue that just popped up.

I’m not surprized 000 is involved in phishing, but I still want to access my site-tools.
(I’m using their free service, so I have no problem with them phishing and such)

Hello Tcll. I split your post from the topic it was in and moved it to the Secure feedback pages for better exposure.

ah ok cool, thanks :slight_smile:
I was a bit unsure about posting it there anyways. :wink:

I am now able to access 000 after disabling a few add-ons:

^I think the one highlighted is the one that was causing the problem… other than that, I’m not too sure…
(I disabled all 4 at once before checking)

I’m actually on the page in that image btw :slight_smile:
look at the last tab and you can see 000’s favicon. :wink:

Yeah, it can happen :slight_smile:
Remembering that many extensions simultaneously can influence the performance and some pages may not work correctly. :wink:

I had a feeling, which is why I’ve desabled a few :wink:

the way I think:


which is why I use so many things :wink:

:slight_smile: :-TU

just wanted to bring this up again… the loop’s happening again:

unfortunately I had to install an extension that allowed a custom script to load for a poorly provided page from another service.
(the script only makes the provided DIV scrollable, but again, I needed an extension to provide that script)

I can’t get rid of any extensions as now they all work for their legit purpose…
could anything else be done to fix this that doesn’t involve stopping the DNS service??