List of Unknown Files

I would like to know why a CIS file is listed as UNKNOWN in the list of files? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

CCE is part of Comodo Cleaning Essentials which is part of Comodo KillSwitch which you can install within CIS and it’s a really useful tool. I expect It may be that you’ve not installed Killswitch and the file just hasn’t been analyized/whitelisted.

There are often temporary update files you’ll see after updates which are temporary updating script files.

I wouldn’t stress over it. You can always “Look Up” the file by selecting it and selecting the magnafying glass and it’ll display the Comodo file rating and change it automatically if it’s trusted.

Yes, I have KillSwitch installed.

1- Can I be carefree about analyzing the comfort in relation to this list of several that he lists as unknown?
2- Taking advantage of this conversation here. Which of these 3 options below is best for security and why?


1 - You can look up all the unknowns but it doesn matter, it will me automatically analyized if any of those are run and if anything, it’s CIS protecting you. Comodo has protect users where other AVs haven’t because of it’s Containment and treating of Uknowns.

2 - Proactive is the most secure option. See this help page: What I always recommend, if you do change to Proactive, is to set the Auto-Containment >> Run Virtually set as Restricted as below.

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Thank you my friend, for the clarification and help you gave me, clearing all my doubts. :smiley:

No problem. CIS works differently than most AVs and it’s fantastic against 0-day and ransomware as it’s Containment (Sandbox) will protect your system from any unknown file from anywhere. A lot of people rant on about signatures and while important, is more there to label and categorize the malware. It constantly does well in the avlab tests and again one of their Products of the Year:
and it’s protection history can be seen on this Comodo Transparency Page

It does what it does well and doesn’t really require much configuration. This video by @cruelsister shows how some simple tweaks makes CIS or CF bulletproof. Comodo Firewall Containment vs Ransomware.

P.S. If you are going to use the old .8012 version, make sure you check the Options >> Components with the installer as it use to be bundled with additional software like Comodo Dragon Browser,Internet Security Essentials (only worked with Internet Explorer) and the option to change your search engine was ticked by default. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Beta version and future versions.

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It’s great to know this information with a link showing the efficiency of the CIS.
Now what I don’t understand is that CIS is not on the list of two companies that test antivirus AV-TEST and AV-COMPARATIVES.

Can you tell me why it is no longer tested by these two companies?
I found out from other people that you usually visit these two sites. They said that the comforter failed several times, I don’t know if that’s true, why did he fail?

Av-Test has Comodo’s Enterprise version Xcitium tested but it’s been quiet awhile since the CIS was tested in the home products. My guess is that you have to pay out a lot for the tests.

There was a falling out with av-comparatives that were asking for some 50,000 and Comodo was never featured thereafter. AvLab at least tests it regularly as do Youtubers though not all of them accurate as some testers turn off CIS features like Containment and only show what will come up with the basic Antivirus signature test. To improve performance, CIS is installed with a Light version of the database as most files are analyized in the cloud. There is an option in the settings to use the full signature base but I don’t see the point.


Anyway, check out CruelSister’s tests of Comodo Firewall and if you use her tweaks (e.g. changing the auto-containment to Restricted and Unchecking the below two boxes, nothing will get through.

Anyway, going off topic here. I’ve been using Comodo since CF 2.0 and CAV 1.0 but others here can also attest to Comodo’s capabilities.

Thinking about it from what you mentioned, the value is really high, but CIS should make an effort or look for partners to take part in these tests. because that’s where many people choose their security product.

As you reported about the containment, I went to my CIS and made the changes you mentioned, followed the steps in the video, now I am in maximum safety, thank you very much. :smiley: