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:-TU Very detailed. Hopefully they’ll get address when we next get a preview build!

Just to note that all of these bugs are affecting 8012 build.

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  1. Contained applications can add/remove/change user accounts and groups, prior versions did not allow such action.
    Sept. 9th Edit: This appears so far to only affect Windows 7, as during my PM discussions with COMODO RT, they could not replicate on Windows 10.

  2. According to help documentation for the containment logs, it describes being able to see the process tree of the contained application but such feature does not exist, and the PID is also not being recorded in the logs.

For 22., it is very terrible. :-\

  1. Microsoft Edge can not open any website or page when sandboxed .;msg909693#msg909693

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Could you please verify this list one-by-one about the one that has been resolved?

I will update the status of these issues.


I would add this item to the list (pending confirmation of C.O.M.O.D.O RT tests)

  1. Renaming a Portset causes disruptions in the rules that use it.

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Should all bugs which already have been reported in several forum sections be added one-by-one to this list too?

  1. After running an application in the Container followed by a Container reset an error occurs with Comodo Virtual Service Manager
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Hi All,

Is anyone facing this issue which is reported by domo78, if so kindly drop us the steps to reproduce .


Hi C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

It’s easy:
1- Place an exe in the container
2- Reset the container
3- Open the windows event log
4- The error appears

Service Control Manager

  • 7034 0 2 0 0 0x8080000000000000 77768 System R****
  • COMODO Virtual Service Manager 1 63006D006400760069007200740068000000

Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 19043.1237 - Comodo CIS Pro v.

Hi ZorKas,

We are aware of this issue, i asked for " Renaming a Portset causes disruptions in the rules that use it." which is reported by domo78.


Sorry for my subject error
What I noticed in the management of the firewall rules:
1- In the program rules, I edit a rule then I modify the name of the .exe application then I save the modification with Ok
2- This action must not be because it creates a “ghost application”
3- Consulting the program rules brings up an application that cannot exist for the management of the firewall since the name does not comply (name change)
I think that the name of the applications should not be modified outside the rules
Here is my opinion

I think domo78 should provide clear steps (in a bug report format or so) how to reproduce this issue as I couldn’t reproduce it on my end.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

I sent you by PM a PDF file containing a series of screenshots reproducing the error.

Hopefully this will help.

Hi domo78,

I will check and update you.

I don’t think that this is an issue but rather a usable feature.
For example, you could create several different FW rules for the same application and give those FW rules all but one a different (non existent) exe file name. If one FW rule for that particular application doesn’t suit your needs then you can simply deactivate that FW rule by renaming the exe file name and activate another FW rule for that same application by changing the exe file name into the real exe file name.

Furthermore I don’t think that CIS FW operation will be disturbed or noticeably affected when FW rules contain non existent exe file names which would be the same effect when you have FW rules for applications in place and those applications no longer exist on your system because of uninstallation or manual removal.