Links to free CIS are missing on comodo's website

At one point there was an open post about this, which contained messages that “free links would be added back to the website on wednesday” and that CIS would remain as a free product for home users.

That topic was started back in Sept of 2019, and today, I still can’t find any free links on the comodo website. I had to go to the original complaint post, and sift through the links there, before I finally found one that worked.

So nearly a year later, and this problem has yet to be corrected. The website is a total disaster. finding free products is nearly impossible. If you’re going to offer them to home users for free, make them easy to find!

Seems to me their consumer section of the website is falling apart and in my opinion presents itself rather unprofessionally at this point.

I would recommend they overhaul it like they did with their B2B section for the sake of their public image and reputation more than anything else.

every 6 months to 2 years, I do a clean install of Windows. The last 2 times I’ve gone to get CIS after a reinstall (including this morning), I’ve been unable to find ANY valid free links to CIS free on the comodo website. There’s links to individual free items (like AV, Firewall, etc), but those are so not easy to find, and they don’t include CIS.

I also noticed on the previously mentioned thread a threat from a moderator about actions to be taken against anyone who posts to imply that CIS free is going away. ← bad form.

Instead of making such threats, why not fix the problem that continues to make people NOT believe you when you say CIS free is not going away? To put that clearer, don’t make threats! Add the missing links to CIS free, and make them EASY to find. Making threats is a good way to lose customers, and your business.

Personally, I think the way this particular issue was/is handled is extremely distasteful. I worked for YEARS as a customer service representative, dealing directly with the public. If I’d ever made a statement like that one, I would’ve lost my job on the spot.

A person’s promise of action means nothing at all, if they do not follow through with their promise.

This the straight link which hasn’t changed: CIS Free

There is a rather convoluted link from the main web site, but just use this direct one

Thank you! That’s better than the link I found in the previous thread.

This should be added into the “For Home” > “Security” menu on the Comodo website, and this would resolve this problem.

the installer downloaded there gives an error.

“Failed to initialize the installer. Please check your internet connection and/or Internet Explorer connection settings. Error: 12175. Content decoding has failed”

Is there a link for an offline installer? I’m posting from the PC in question, so I’m obviously connected to the internet.

I still have this same problem doesn’t have the latest CFW hosted there

this link here Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 only lets you download regular comodo antivirus “cav_installer_138430010_1a(dot)exe”

What in the name of all that is holy is going on at your company right now? Ever since 2018 or so. Comodo has been in disarray. Bugs that don’t get fixed, the forums getting hacked, the links to the free version are gone the home user version of your website is almost impossible to navigate to.

Someone here on the forums about 12 years ago expressed concern about DLL injections into comodo processes, then in 2017 the double agent ransomware was discovered, an antiivirus hijacker that uses a DLL injection to do its damage, and comodo was one of the products exploited by it. It took you three years to come out with a version of CIS that defended its self from unsigned DLL’s instead of just all DLLs and that version of CIS made windows 10 1909 freeze up randomly.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of your software. Because it’s the one free solution that gives you everything you need. But in recent months, every time I try to submit a file to you through comodo’s file submission, I get an error about content decoding almost every time. Results from those file submissions I can get to go through used to come back within three days, but now I wait and wait for weeks and weeks with no result.

You guys need to fix your stuff and hire penetration testers to constantly test CIS. and then get to work on fixing any discovered exploits right away.

All here and working fine:

CIS Free

Firewall Free

AV Free

main point I was getting at is that the link for CIS free is not reachable from the comodo(dot)com website’s homepage. It’s missing from the “For Home” drop down menu, and not found in the list of products in any of the other menus, or in the list at the bottom of the page.

That they are added here in this post is helpful, but why not add them to the site’s menu too? Make it accessible to those who don’t visit these forums… who’s gonna think to visit the forums in order to find out that there is a free CIS version, and get the link, especially if they’ve never tried comodo before? very likely none, unless they are otherwise told.

Hello jasoncollege24, Thank you for reporting.

Please let me know the status of the Error code,You can share us the details by providing a screenshot ?

Please check with this : → Products & services → Internet Products ->There you can download all of the comodo free products and also at the bottom of the page you can visit to the corresponded product page.

Yes, It’s an acceptable request. We will discuss about that and for any updates I will notify you.
Have a nice day!

No error messages/codes. The link is simply not made available!

Nope! CIS, Antivirus, and Firewall free versions are not listed there! Firewall free, and Antivirus free are listed in the “For Home” section, but CIS free is not listed on the site. See screenshot attached, which shows the CIS version that is available at the place you say the free version is at.

This is a popular issue/request in other areas of the forum, but it seems I was the only one directed to post about it here in this section, and it seems widely ignored. There are MANY complaints about CIS free not being accessible from the comodo website, and this would be a good reason for me to stop recommending Comodo to others. If it’s this difficult to find the free version of CIS, when I tell them it exists, they will either not believe me (giving me, AND you a bad rep), or they will just find another security solution elsewhere, giving you a bad rep.

With that being the case, I’m likely to start recommending the use of products of your competitors that are more kosher, and less shady. Why would I do that? Because CIS free exists, but the only place I know of to get the correct working link for it is in this forum thread, instead of on the comodo website where it belongs, and because promises made nearly a year ago to put the link on the comodo website have not been fulfilled.

I was once considering upgrading to the paid version of CIS, but that’s not going to happen now. Why? I see these practices as being deceitful and dishonest, and I won’t pay for products, or services from a company that is not open, honest, and straight forward with consumers.

JasonCollege24 is completely right with this. It’s as though there are 2 separate websites with the link I gave to the free version and the main Comodo one that you linked to. Neither is reachable from the other that I coould find

Even cnet gives the latest free download, along with filehippo and others . . . yet it can’t be found on Comodo itself unless someone registers at the forum?

Hello jasoncollege24 & Ploget,

I can understand & agree with your points.I will forward your queries to the corresponding team members,after the discussion I will notify you. is down right now. Although recently I haven’t had any trouble submitting files to the cloud. No more content decoding errors for no reason.

People can bash Comodo all they want and I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, but it’s common practice for software companies to for example, harvest and sell their customers data. Avast stands out as one example of this practice. Particularly if they do not charge for the product. One adage says that if the product is free, then YOU are the product. Who is really above this practice? Maybe because I don’t normally recommend a security suite to friends, not easily finding the free product online is of no consequence to me.

Maybe Comodo is struggling to bring in revenue, which may have been down for some reason. Oddly, Comodo has IMO been a product for more savvy users, and as it turns out, it’s the savvy user that may be in the best position to score a freebie.

Hello all,

I had discussed with my team about the free CIS/Internet products on the main page. It’s accepted and soon the corresponding team will add the links on the main page.
Thank you for everyone :).

Have a nice day!

Thank you Dharshu :-TU

Well on comodo’s youtube channel they say they’re the number 1 provider of certificates. Comodo (the company) probably makes money off their free users from file submissions that are done by CIS, CAV and CFW.

What do I mean? Well sometimes an antivirus company or some online service will want to rent access to a malware database. As far as I’m aware it’s pretty common practice. Gmail uses ClamAV and probably a few others to sniff out malware in attachments. SecureAge with their secureAPlus antiviurs rents access to 9 different databases and they have a partnership with avira for that offline scanning addon you can choose to add to your plan there.

So comodo probably makes money by renting access to their database to certain online services that want it.

And just so you know, the enterprise version of comodo is used by A LOT of corporations. That’s hundreds of thousands of laptop & desktop endpoints hundreds of servers and hundreds of thousands of smartphones per company, that all have to have a re-occuring subscription to the enterprise version of comodo. Just 1 multinational corporation using their products is A LOT of money that can trickle into the development of the free products too.

I highly doubt comodo needs to sell our data to make ends meet. Especially since they make money on providing certificates too.

Hello Ploget,

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

Thank you also. Maybe we can continue to recommend it to our friends without it looking unprofessional lol.