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Please use this area to talk about the following:

  • Feedback on specific videos at comodo.tv or comodo.com
  • Suggestions for video you’d like us to produce
  • Videos about Internet Trust and Security you think are great on sites other than Comodo.TV (don’t forget the URL). Comodo.TV has a community section community section where we post video that’s consistent with our mission and standards.

If you produce video related to Internet Trust and Security and would be interested in having it distributed on comodo.tv, please get in touch with the Comodo.TV team at comodotv[at]comodo.com.

Great idea! Look forward to watching some of the videos as well as recommending some to friends and colleagues.

I think you can learn so much more from watching videos than reading manuals. Would like to see some videos on how to use the available free Comodo products such as CIS (Firewall, Antivirus and Defense+), CTM, CRC, CBU, etc.


Thanks Graham.

The Comodo.com site is another place where you’ll find our videos - we have produced a video for every product offered there. We’re also developing a series of “how-to” videos called HowVision that provides a quick overview of how to use a particular Comodo product, get support for it, etc.

Here’s one on suppressing CIS alerts

I’ve noted your suggestions for future topics to cover in video.

Bill Fallon

Hi Bill,

Great videos.

Any plans to create “how-to” videos for installing various types of certificates, SSL, email etc?

I know support have been requesting this type of video for some time, to further
assist customers with visual step-by-step installations.



Yes, those are on our list, we should have some coming out this quarter.

How about tutorial videos about CIS?
Dealing with pop-ups

Would a link to these videos directly from CIS interface (I’m thinking V4) be possible?


Jose: We have already produced these CIS related how-to’s, and will be producing more. Thanks for the suggestions - we’ll follow them. :-TU

How to Suppress CIS Alerts
How to Submit a Suspicious File to Comodo for Analysis
How to Access Support for Comodo Free Products

Nice idea about linking directly from the program - I’ll talk to the product team about that.

Thanks for helping spread the word!

Bill Fallon

How about including links in the installer to videos covering the most common initial setup procedures - acknowledging networks, submitting files, changing configurations, setting up AV scan schedules etc.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, or even present at the last dialog box of installing COMODO Product “X” (before reboot), a link to Comodo.TV explaining various videos on how to use the installed product. Better than reading manuals :D.

Btw, I like the way a link has been added into the “Highlights” of CIS linking to Comodo.TV. Does this only occur after a fresh install of latest CIS (I haven’t seen it before).


I think it would be usefull to create a quick video explaining how to install software under CIS. At first, I thought this had to be changed within CIS’s GUI beforehand (under proactive defense). I didn’t realise it was done from the prompt (after running setup.exe, etc). Installing software is a far lot easier for me now :-TU.


Comodo TV is great.

But can i suggest that a video of Comodo Endpoint Manager be made, and how to setup all of that to work with CIS.

That would be nice, and much less work for me if knew how it worked… as have quite lot of computers on my home network as well as various other things which is not taken into account as won’t be needed.

Nice effort Comodo on the videos produced so far!

Endpoint security manager request noted. We’re working on an overview piece for ESM now - a how-two early next year.

Hi Bill,

Did the support videos make it out?


That’s very nice to hear, must of missed your reply, feel free to update us on how its coming along. :-TU

Garry: sorry to report that we are running behind where I thought we’d be on digital certificate-related HowVision programs. At the moment, we’ve produced two so far, How to avoid EV Validation Delays and How to add a Digital Signature to your E-mails. 1Q/2010 is shaping up to be a very busy quarter for us as well, but I’m sure we can get at least 1-2 such programs produced. Can you advise which would be the most important/useful topics to cover for a digital certificate-related HowVision program?

Bill Fallon

Here’s an advance look - it’s not published yet onto Comodo.TV

Thanks Bill. :ilovecomodo:

Hi Bill,

Its always the SSL intermediate certificate installations that catch customers out.

So, ‘how to’ videos relating to that aspect of the installation process would be most useful.


Nice one Bill! :-TU