Laptop Recommendation - Urgent

Plzz recommend a laptop.
The budget is INR 30,000 - 45,000
My cousin is getting a laptop in 2-3 days & asked me to help & I am here for your recommendation.
Recommend laptop with latest Windows OS i.e 8

I’d recommend either ASUS, HP, or Lenovo. All of those brands have good reputations.

Specs recommendation plzz

Can you please let us know what they plan to mainly use the computer for? For example, is this going to be used to play games?

No gaming, everyday computing…

Honestly speaking, for everyday computing, with no special needs, I think most computer’s from those companies I listed above should work. Of course that’s just my opinion, and others with more detailed knowledge can guide you further. Just be careful about whether the laptop has a DVD drive, assuming your friend needs one, as many are now being shipped without that drive to make the computer slimmer and lighter.

Yup, even some HP servers are shipped without DVD drives, we had to use an external one to set everything up as we had not yet made USB counterparts for these DVDs (and it liked to not eject the DVDs) 88)

I bought a Thinkpad from Lenovo France via their website, no problems.

This is probably your area and you can choose plenty of options if it is the same.

An HP with an AMD A8 or A10 CPU/APU would be a good choice. They are relatively inexpensive and can handle anything including the latest games. They run $700 or less in US currency.

AMD A8 or A10 CPU/APU would be a good choice . Yes but not HP (:AGY)

Why that ?

HP are know as heating mashines !

For allround user will recomend a AMD any dual processor CPU/APU .
Now Im using a Toshiba satelite pro with a AMD processor , before was a HP .

HP was OK but after a couple of hours the laptop get soo hot that i5 processor mashine was unresponssible.

Toshiba have very good cooling system , big & brite cooling sloots .
Im using now the laptop for 10-20 hours daily . Temp. never get above 37 - 40 C .

Any Toshiba satelite Pro from E 450 APU - A10 APU processor will be a good choise for every day use. :-TU

And wats important ! they a relative cheap :■■■■

Toshiba at least use to have issues with overheating. Perhaps they are better now, but my sister had one about 5 years ago and it overheated to the point where it can’t be used unless it’s on a cooling pad.

I haven’t heard of those issues with HP. Do you know if overheating is a common problem with their computers?

thats my personal experience only !

I needed a laptop for multitasking , lot of office work , multimedia .

As i wrote Im using it for about 15 hours daily . HP just let me down :-\

The satelite Pro is a maraton runner ;D

Realythe cooling slots under the grafic card , processor & the big slots on the site are doing the job .

HP overheating problems why HP laptop overheat - Google Search

I have had two HP laptops since 2005 and neither one has ever had any overheating problems. I have never used a separate cooler and have played World of Warcraft and other 3D games for hours on both and never had issues. The air coming out of the older one sometimes feels hot enough to cook a pop tart and the CPU temp will reach 200F (93C) but it never slows or shuts down. The newer one runs at least 30 degrees cooler. They both have AMD processors. Laptops are designed to run hotter than their desktop counterparts and an AMD laptop processor can run at up to 255F (124C) without problems or damage according to their own testing. I don’t know about Intel because I don’t use them.

I’ll stand by my recommendation of an HP with an AMD APU. Don’t buy it at Walmart though. The computers they sell are specially made for them and have cheaper components than the ones you will find at other outlets like Best Buy or Staples. I know because I worked for Walmart for over 5 years.

I don’t like Toshiba because you can’t update the graphics drivers for AMD with the released ones. You can only use the drivers provided by Toshiba and they are months or even years out of date. They are also higher priced than HP.

I’m a happy user of Lenovo G580 CoreI5 4GB RAM. I’ve bought it some months ago especially for computing. I analyzed CPU benchmark (site is “”) and price and found good ratio of price and benchmark.

Now that you mention it, I think that Lenovo is a good company as well.

I have asked my cousin to get the laptop on weekend.

Win 8 is the OS, should I opt for Win 8 Pro?

RAM - Should I got with 4 or 8 GB?

HardDisk - Should I go with 1 TB or 500 GB + 32/64 SSD? I dont know anything about SSD. I checked out few HP laptops on official website with HDD + SSD, they seems little over my budget i.e app 50,000 - 55,000.

Processor - This is very confusing for me as there are many options on HP site to select.
Intel Atom
Intel Celeron B830
Intel Core i3 3rd Gen
Intel Core i5 3rd Gen
Intel Core i7 3rd Gen
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2nd Gen
Which one should I go with? But I guess latest one will be out of my buget i.e 30-45,000, right?

Graphic Cards - 1 or 2 GB?

Screen Size - 14 or 15.6, which should I go with?

Battery - 6-8, 8-10 or upto 14 hrs?

Definitely NOT Intel Atom - this one is not for computing.
I would chose Intel Core I3-7. Though it depends how demanding is your computing.
BTW what do you mean by computing?

Computing, I meant normal or regular usage, nothing like gaming, etc…

How is AMD processors? It seems they are cheap. I checked out a laptop with AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 APU (1.5 GHz, 2 MB cache), 8 GB RAM, 1 Tb HDD, 15.6 screen, etc… for 34,490 INR inclusive of all taxes & free shipping on HP site.

And another with the same specs but with AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M APU (2.5 GHz, 4 MB cache) for 42,990. Big difference in price just coz of processor.

Graphic card is also different on both.
In 1st one graphic is AMD Radeon HD 8330 Graphics & 2nd one is AMD Radeon HD 8650M/8670M Dual GPU (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

If you mean by computing office apps and internet browsing then I guess even Atom may go here. Anyways I would check the CPU benchmarks by the site I mentioned in a post above.
As for SSD - some apps are still learning how to get along with it.
RAM - 4 GB is more then enough for regular usage, though if price allows - then you can take larger. (Obviously there must be 64bit OS for 4 GB RAM and higher)
If only Win-8 then I would take Pro - because I like Applocker. ;D
BTW maybe you would better ask at wilders (I think here: “Software, Hardware and General Services > hardware”) - they are more versatile.