Lack of UPDATE module

To my surprise and concern, after routine program StartUp, up came box:
“Update module could not be located. Installation error”.

Will appreciate info on “finding” the module, hopefully without uninstall/reinstall.
If that is required please include pertinent path, etc., recognizing my inexperience and complete lack of tech savvy. Thank you! Sincerely,

Try running the Diagnostics Tool under The Miscellaneous option and update us with the results.

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…also let us know what’s the version of CIS you are using and the version of the file “framework.dll” located under “C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security”

Many thanks for your help. I must have missed wherever one checks to be notified of topic replies as I was unaware until now of your several messages.

Your first suggestion of Diagnostics did it! Update access now OK; a great relief.

!ot!For first time ever, Comodo has found virus threat: ClocksmithLite. For a year or more I use this daily and I’d like to know if anything can be done to remove the threat – by which I do not mean Quarantine or Remove, whereby I lose it.
Did uninstall/reinstall; same result.


Alright, Since You get Alerts Even After Reinstalling The Program, I Guess It Could Be A False Alert, However Can’t Tell Eaxactly Until We Examine The File. So, I Would Request You To Submit The File To Our AV Lab To Examine It To Find Out Whether It’s Really A Infected File Or Not. You Can Check With This Link To Know More About How To Submit A File.

Again thanks.
Will do my best to use Link; assume need first to reinstall and not be too concerned over the threat warning .
Have Closed the topic re UPDATE NOT FOUND.

Cordially, RO

When You Get The Threat Warning, You Can Add The File To Your Exclusion List. Then You Can Submit The File As Mentioned On The Link. Once You Got The Confirmation That The Files Is Safe, Then You Can Remove It From Your Exclusion List

Appreciate additional info. Happily, I found the Clocksmithlite program at Quarantined items & atView AntiVirus Events. With my unfamiliarity I was concerned that no button for action and suppose CLOSE was sufficient.
Then went to MISCELLANEOUS/Suspicious Files and again, pleased to be able to move the now-uninstalled program from left side to right and Closed that as well.

Cordially, RO

So… Have You Submitted The File For Analysis ?

Hi Napsterz:

Just to be sure above program submitted for Analysis, YES it was few days ago when I found the appropriate place to submit.
As an experiment, yesterday I reinstalled to see if it is back to OK – as it has been for over a year.
Unfortunately, no change; warning appeared almost immediately. Left it there but do not use it.

My question is, when will I receive results of Analysis, and where. Presumably by email.


I Would Request You To Let Me Know How You Submitted The File To Comodo. Did You Submitted By Sending An Email Or By Posting Into The Forum ?

Hi Napsterz:

Submitted program on Comodo at appropriate box (top right of screen) to do so.

Still no feedback as to analysis results.

Cordially, RO

Would Request You To Check With This And Submit The Files As Mentioned There

Good afternoon! I ask, to help me, with my problem if it is possible! I from Russia, my friends have asked to check me antivirus COMODO, I have established COMODO 3.13.121240.574_XP_Vista_x32.exe on computer Windows XP 32 bits Intel Core (ТМ) 2 central processors 6420 2.13GHz 2.00GB.У me, there there was a problem with updating of a database of an antivirus, at communication with a network the Internet, the antivirus starts to update the bases, updating limits of 30 % and further does not go, the whole days passed, updatings, but the further 30 % does not go! Internet EDGE of communication 512 kbit/sek, real speed of updating does 2-6kb/s, the Network has been measured by means of the program Net.Meter.3.3.Build.327. I cannot understand, it swings COMODO, the whole days, the same some hundreds mbyte!!! Such problem not only at me, it it becomes similar, characteristic line of antivirus COMODO! Help !!!