Korugan Countdown!

Comodo’s Unified Threat Management solution, KORUGAN is coming very soon!

Keep watching this space for upcoming launch!

Its the next generation of UTMs!!!

Its a ground breaking technology and amazing innovation!!!

More info, please… :smiley:

what kind of product is this? :smiley:

A regular UTM -either in appliance form or VM- is the essential firewall for your network with Anti-Spam, Webfiltering, Network Management, IPDS and so on.

But in Comodo case -as we always do- Korugan will be Simpler, Faster and Stronger.

As an hint of one of our many ground breaking industry-new features: think about a network level appliance which can also protect your endpoints and it is patented!

We will be re-defining Unified Threat Management. Keep checking this thread for our releases! Even from start we will introduce a new approach to the segment. We do not believe in generalization of market segment requirements thus we handle the ATP domain as if we were in the shoes of our customers.

As the name “Korugan” implies, we will be providing full coverage of the security domain with unmatchable prices.

:-La Did you know that “Korugan” is the name for first “bunker” in history!

Ha ha ha ha, interesting fact

So Korugan will be provided in 2 forms by Comodo: one as appliance (hardware) and other as VM (software)?


This is Korugan :slight_smile:


Is it going to be SNORT based or ???

If you are thinking about DPI that’s not new in these appliances.
In the last few months i changed lot of fortinets and sonicwals and similar with stormshield.
Hope Korugan will be in stormshield class !!

Hey Mark!

It is great to hear that feedback. I would love to provide you some demo about giving the idea of “Korugan Approach” on this matter.

We would all love to know more. Are there items we can learn more about or sign up to participate in?

Sure !
Would like to see one and experience it first hand 8)

I notice this PDF on Korugan and it looks Interesting

info here > https://korugan.com/pdf/Brochure1.pdf



Stickied for the obvious reason.

So after waiting for more information I decided I would go over to https://korugan.com and dig up what I could on my own and redistribute it here with a good majority of the marketing mobo jumbo removed. This information could be outdated at any time as this product may be in active development but here we go.

Korugan UTM is a physical security appliance that comes in two form factors with a desktop (think Cisco ASA 5505) unit and rack mountable 1U unit. The number of ports, quality and speed are dependent on which of the six units purchased. As far as I can discern there are no software module offering differences in any Korugan category which is very nice to see; regardless of which Korugan unit you have your options remain the same. All software is under a single license that includes all firmware and signature updates that can be purchased in 1, 2 and 3 year periods.

Summarized Korugan Features

  • Gateway Comodo AV
  • Web Filtering (powered by CYREN, HTTP & HTTPS filtering)
  • Firewall (SIP, Policies, AD and LDAP Integration)
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (SNORT based)
  • Traffic Shaping (QoS)
  • Networking (Vlans, Zones, DHCP, ACLs)
  • VPN (SSL VPN, L2PT and IPSec)
  • Internal and External Logging
  • Anti-Spam (SpamAssassin, Greylisting, File ACL)
  • Hot Spot (Captivate Portal)

Overall these features are nice to have in one device/GUI to manage. Because this is a new product and I haven’t physically played with a unit my opinions cannot be fully formed. My first impression comes as this devices looks to be an embedded Linux distribution integrating many standard open source products into a single functional unit with some Comodo functionality added. From the Admin Manual I find that this product reminds me closely of other all in one/dedicated linux distributions such as Untangled, ClearOS and PFSense. As the UTM security market is already saturated with competition Korugan is going to be hard pressed to find a niche it can carve out and I believe will be fully dependent on their support, pricing and user experience.

Personally I find myself initially being underwhelmed. I’d have hoped rather than taking to a FOSS/added features approach to the UTM device Korugan would have come out swinging as a fully feature product incorporating a higher degree of Comodo’s technologies. This isn’t to imply that Korugan doesn’t fulfill a need in the market overall but it would be nice to finally have one box to rule them all. There are still tons of questions that need to be answered and hopefully time will let us know how this plays out.

All the information and reading I took from the FAQ, Admin Manual and brochures.

you haven’t listed the most important patented comodo feature that will differentiate Korugan :wink:

Which would be?

The best I can see that I’ve left off from the website itself are:

  • One year free of Comodo ESM
  • Korugan ATP

Of these two, ESM is its own product and the Korugan ATP would simply be CIS sandbox technology already installed on the clients machine? Either there are components not listed or I’m not catching your reference. As an IT consultant for SMB I’m trying to see where this product would fit in my day to day operations compared to other products on the market today beyond it being “Simpler. Stronger. Faster.”

Come on Bulut, you have a pending answer to give to your Boss and to your Users. ;D

I know SNORT is one of the “open source proud and joy” but from my personal experience with UTM-NGF (smb, enterprise) it’s kinda OK until there is lot of traffic for analysis and some attacks that are occurring. Then you better have strong HW in your UTM or it’s gonna burst like a popcorn. That’s one of the reason SNORT based solutions are not in serious business (PaloAlto and similar).
Stormshield has figured this out very well The European choice for cybersecurity | Stormshield

How are you planing to solve distributions of the Korugan ?
Any more info on prices and other support ?