Korugan Countdown!

Well stated! So there is no reason to talk about why signature-based defense is no longer sufficient right ?
What about virtualization on network edge ? Let’s say you can run 8-16 images for making behavorial analysis on a near-realtime like basis with no asynchronous working mode in a way everything gets intercepted, what would you think of it ?
Well personally speaking that should NOT be enough :slight_smile:

Four months after the announcement we have the same amount of information/progress we started with. As an enterprise product the ball has been dropped here. It would have been better to not prematurely announce the product until it is ready rather than build the hype with unfulfilled expectations and lack of communication.

If a business can expect this level of support with Korugan I would recommend my SMB’s to invest in another product.

Budda, we have a big thing coming, and as expected this big paradigm changers a.k.a innovation needs some time to start spreading the word and create anticipation. Feel free to check, containment.comodo.com for getting an idea. We are planning a big launch this month. I guarantee you will love it!

Not much fan fare has been made nor a public beta board yet but there is a downloadable VM you can spin up if interested found here: https://korugan.com/models.php <-next to View Pricing button. The OVA file is about 1.4 GB in size.

So far so :-. The gui is nice/easy and actually spinning up the VM in my Xenserver 6.5 wasn’t problematic but that is where I am left. I was able to remote into the gui at and see various items. My VM and Korugan did not recognize any of the nic’s within the gui itself and thus left me not really able to do much in terms of testing. See screen shots for further detail and I can upload any/all log files if I knew which ones you are after.

For those who don’t want/can’t to use the block you can modify the ip settings via terminal/ssh (note I explored my options with the NIC problems before I did this). The bonding/defined fun for the hard set ip is set in the /var/efw/ethernet/*. Take a peak at how/what they define in these files and you can tinker past that. Note you may have problems by doing as other configurations may not be automatically adjusted for you. For terminal/SSH access username is “root” password is “comodo” both without the “” marks.

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Hi Budda,

With Virtualbox and VMware you will experience smoother operation. Xen is a case we are working on still as we speak.

Meanhile specifically for Xen case you can try following:
Remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
and reboot
And check, then you can manually configure your NICs via Vim on /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 as an example for eth0 .

Check here again, we are replicating your issue as we speak.

Good day Bulut,

I’ve attempted setting my network settings the same way as you described with zero luck. Setting both a dhcp and static address schemes for eth1 (wanted to leave eth0 alone as it is already pre-populated with an address) fails to result in an address for me on the nic itself after following the instructions you provided.

Beyond that I did spin up a Virtualbox VM on my PC and all these issues were indeed resolved. I’ll await to see what you guys come up with for the Xen setup so I can push this into a test production environment to properly evaluate it.

We replicated your set in our environment and made it work on Xenserver 6.5 with help of some minor scripts 8). Following some further tests we will put it online shortly.

I will ping you once taken live, meanwhile, thanks for the catch :-TU

Is korugan a firewall. If it is a firewall where can we download it. And I heart comodo will made savungan antivirus. When Beta version.(Beta versiyonu ne zaman çıkacak). I can’t make sentece Well. So I wrote it in turkish.

@Bulut, let me know I will let you know how my testing goes and will provide any/all feedback you guys are lookingfor.

@ abrackl, simple answer is yes this can act as a firewall. Korugan is an edge security appliance that has firewall features and much more built into it. Check out the documentation here: https://korugan.com/library.php

Download is here: https://download.comodo.com/korugan/Korugan-Lite.ova

Budda thanks!

abrkackl, if endpoint is the case check out Comodo Downloads, it also has Turkish support :wink: (forumlarda antivirus tab’ini inceleyebilirsiniz, ayrıca AV ürünümüz Comodo Downloads’da mevcut)

Thanks for information.

Has the build been updated yet for a Xen hypervisor to be tested?

Hi Budda,

Please check your message box :slight_smile:

Korugan Lite on Xenserver:

vi /usr/sbin/ethconfig

Go to 54th Line,




return None

Save and Quit.

You are done!


I’ve done the line edit as you’ve instructed and this resolved the networking errors. Currently I am able to run this VM as a perimeter device and I’ll be testing out some of the features shortly. Quick question, the latest VM appliance still runs version 1.6 but the news article released today shows version 1.8 available. When looking at the firmware version in the appliance it says the device is up to date. Is this the case or is there a way to get the latest software package?

Hi Budda,

Great! 1.8 is served as Korugan VM. An evaluation type license is in the way. Soon, when published you will have the ability but Korugan Lite will stay as it is.

Why not join our new ENTERPRISE Forum at https://forum1.comodo.com/ and check out 1.8 release notes…

VM Lite on Vmware I couldnt Get the the Web Interface. Anyone can assist to guide?