Kill Launchpad?

Shall we?



It is evil!
It is spyware!
It uses my credit cards!
It made my wife overweight!
It used my car on Friday night and bought it back with the tank empty!


Seriously, I don’t know whether you need to kill it entirely, or just modify it.

Having it as a central access point to all Comodo software is a valid use, but having it pushed with the installation of another product, with no announcement about its installation is stepping into “feather rustling” territory for some (not to mention - no uninstall - that’s actually bad).

Could it be an optional install with all comodo products but, if installed, still act as a central access point?

The alternative, if it is killed off, is to have separate tray icons for each comodo app. This will just rustle the other bunch of feathers.

How do you appease the people who want neither Launch Pad NOR additional tray icons, but still expect notifications? God only knows!

My vote - make it an optional install for all comodo apps, but have the system tray icon changeable to display current highest priority activity, providing this doesn’t impact overall performance.

hope this helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

You don’t have to kill it. Compromise. If I don’t want the launcher, let me disable it or un-install it entirely. Happiness all around.

There is a utility factor IF the user has more than one of the Comodo apps. Make it easier for those users…and fewer tray icons. I’m not opposed to that.

Apple put a generic application launcher into their MacOS years ago, installed by default. Some users liked it, some didn’t. I could disable it from running at startup on a per-user basis.

That gives it utility, without negatively impacting other applications (i.e. i-Vault) that run perfectly fine as a standalone product.

My 2 cents.

our idea was to introduce other comodo products to them. Thats why we had launchpad.
I think we might go into a link on each application that goes to our free products page (simpler).

what says you guys?


For myself, I think a discrete link on the page to “Other Great FREE Comodo Software” would be just dandy. ;D


I like that idea too. :slight_smile:


Am I correct in assuming that if you kill Launch Pad, you’re going to introduce system tray icons for each app? If so, will these be user selectable to display or not to display? If so, will these icons have a variable state to indicate current activity?

ewen :slight_smile:

I like the lanchpad. You can just introduce an option like “Do you want to be informed for Other Great FREE Comodo Software?”
So that the users can set it on or off at will. By this you wile make everyone happy! :wink:

I like the launch pad… I agree with giving an option to install it or not.

I agree with the idea of there being an option to install or not. Lunchpad may be useful to some, but others may not want it.

Also include an option to saw or not other products. Someone may like lanchpad but not the pubblicity of the other free programs

I agree.

Just wondering Melih, have you decided on this yet and when will we see the changes?


I think we will give the option to switch off the launchpad as a quick resolution.

Is that good for everyone?


It can easily be disabled by using MSConfig or Startup Control Panel or Autoruns to disable the registry entry that runs it at startup. The AV and firewall still work. The disadvantage is that there is then no indication in the system tray at all that the security apps are actually running.

It is good for me; probably for others too. Although I think that I will leave it on :smiley:

Thanks Melih, that’s good for me.

Instead of getting rid of the launchpad, why not enhance it?:

In Section A, instead of describing what the program is have a mini control panel, where you can view statistics (such as running processes), update options, recent programs that gained entry, etc. or for the antivirus - recently scanned files, an update option, miniature “quick” scan option.

Section B should be made a little bit larger (or extend the entire area of the window) and look more professional. Only underline the headline, contain more news – specifically technological news about the company, etc.

Section C I think you should remove the available applications and replace it with a more extensive help area (i.e. Security information, forum link, etc. – each of these should be links to the comodo website, or something else that is useful. This will give the website more exposure after the initial program is downloaded which helps spread your products and product information) Instead of calling it a help area it could be more general and referred to as a Information Section, or something along the lines of that. The last part New Services and Offers should be replaced by recent viruses, worms, trojans, and their respective security level. New services and programs should be detailed in the NEWS section, that way it appears a lot less than advertising.

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Hi everyone,

Let the Launchpad Live please!!!

When installing your first Comodo product give the user an option saying something along the lines of “Would you like Comodo Launchpad, to manage other Comodo products if you choose to install them?” If they say yes, install it, but if they say no, then give them the tray icon.

Honestly I don’t mind the launchpad, McAfee, and Norton have a security center to manage their products, why can’t Comodo?


Your idea will work so the people who don’t want it don’t complain.