Kill Launchpad?

Just installed my first Comodo product - Firewall - and noticed the Launchpad would give me access to your other programs. I kind of like this idea, its a bit like what McAfee, Trend, Nortons etc do with their Internet Suites.
What I don’t like is that the launchpad icon is in the tray but nothing indicates when the firewall is in action (like zonealarms red and green bars during internet activity.
It would ne nice if the launch pad tray icon indicated which app was doing what (like the spinning a icon during avast activity).

I then dowloaded your antivirus product and installed it on a test machine and noted that it also loaded the launchpad. I haven’t loaded anitvirus on the machine with firewall (as I didn’t like how much memory it used, plus a few other problems with it) so I hope it automatically checks that launchpad is already there and doesn’t reinstall it?

I don’t like the idea of downloading the launchpad with every product (24Mb for an antiviurs product is a huge download!) Perhaps you could have two downloads with each product, with and without launchpad?

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If you check back through this topic, you’ll see many varying thoughts on the Launch Pad. All of your ideas have previously been posted, but I suppose that just proves that you’re on the right track. :wink:

Keep up the good suggestions. Comodo are the most user-responsive company I’ve ever come across in this industry. The more questions we ask, the harder they think about their products and the better they become.

Again, welcome to the forums.

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I agree that an option to install the Launch Pad at install would be good. During the installation, the installer would just present a list of checkboxes that the installer will install, then the user could simply uncheck the Launch Pad if they do not want it. :slight_smile:

If they do away withLaunchPad, how will we then control or gain access to the firewall and the AV?

Vote here -,597.0.html

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My opinion is:

The only valid reason to use LaunchPad is to make it an central icon for all comodo aplicattions.
I really hate have my sistray full of icons. I prefer one icon wich allow me access for all comodo applications… =-P

Thats my 2 cents… =-P

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Why not combine features of the Launchpad into the GUI on a tab or options button?

I can do without the NEWS box. Any news about programs or such can be sent via email.

What I and Im sure others hate is using a great program as an advertising board!

Simple IS better! Make it easy to use and easy on the eyes (and brain), and you wll have a sure winner.

Anything is possible! We want our users to tell us their opionions so that we can come up with something thats acceptable to them.
I have few comments about your suggestions.
1)Users don’t usually like to receive emails promoting products. Due to large amount of spam even legitimate emails are being classed as spam and causing badwill. So we want to avoid email as a communication tool to our users
2)What do you mean as advertising board? News item in these products are all about relevant news, not about advertising third party products as such. Can you pls expand what you mean and what is acceptable and what is not for the news section.

thanks for your valuable input TPH. We really appreciate it.


Kill it.

The launch bar might be a nice grouping idea, if you have several comodo products installed, but for just one app it is unnecesssary bloat. There is just yet another click to do if you want to access it and the pad uses up to 4 MBytes of memory only for itself. Other lite firewalls use a similar amount of memory (eg. the look n stop firewall uses about 8 MBs).

I hope that you can rid of it. Make comodo small, easy and to the point. That would be even a selling point in the (bad) times of large security suits.

I tried your own (beta) installer and I start liking the thing.

The choice to use Launch Pad should be left to the user but an icon that indicates that the firewall is operational and/or taking an action to me is more useful than an icon just sitting in the system tray.

Two great models that I have appreciated in the past are ZoneAlarm’s tray icon or Kerio’s which allowed you to choose whether the icon showed activity or not.

I think with a dedicated application icon you have a win-win situation.

All in all a great free firewall! Thanks! :smiley:

I agree with several other users regarding launchpad. I don’t really care for it. How about a dedicated firewall icon, and adding launchpad to the start menu? It would still be accessible, but not residing in the system tray.


Hi All,
I was a bit tired when I made my last post, and just realized I worded it rather poorly. ::slight_smile: What I meant to say was to delete the Launchpad entry currently in Start Menu, then create a Start Menu entry for Comodo Firewall, and add Launchpad to that entry. Then a dedicated firewall icon could be added to the System Tray, preferably showing activity. Launchpad would still be accessible, but be less obtrusive. :wink:

Kill it, and give people the option of displaying seperate tray icons for all apps, or only some, or none at all.

I’d say keep the launch pad but make its install optional.

Make every single application have its tray icon, but make the (optional) launch pad hide those icons (maybe for each application separately).

That keeps each application lean and small and makes the launch pad powerful und flexible for those who like it.

Hmm, I say…

Make a optional install. Like with each installation (CAV, CPF, CAS), you can tik the [do you want to install Comodo Launch Pad?] box. Then you should also make a Comodo Launch Pad installer download, for ppl who already have 2-3 products and then only realise that they actually want the Launch Pad. Then you should have a box to tik saying: Do you want to run (example) Comodo Anti Virus as a tray icon.

So, there you have my opinion.

This is pretty much what I was going to say, but not for every single application… the security related ones though I’d agree with.

I meant: “for every application of the Comodo security family” :wink:

I somehow like the idea of leaving the updating of all apps to the launch pad as well. So you get very small and dedicated applications and enhanced features (which others would consider bloat) for those who need/want them (icon grouping for all Comodo apps, Auto updates for all Comodo apps. News aupdates for all Comodo apps).

Just make it optional.

I really like the idea of optional components. Just have a look at Winamp.

On the Comodo Start Menu, just provide a link to the products. If you keep the Launch Pad, Please make it optional.

So where are we now with this? Are there at least any plans to opt out of the Launch Pad in the system tray? I currently use other products while the firewall is continuing to develop. I want to solely use the antivirus but don’t necessarily want the Launch Pad in the system tray, just a one for the antivirus.


I think the consensus is that make CLP an optional feature which user can switch off.
correct me if i am wrong guys…


I agree, but if you choose to not install LaunchPad, you should get a tray icon for CPF that shows network activity like the Jetico firewall has. ;D