Just want to say great job!


i have installed the new CIS. It is very very :-TU It works so fine. I like the Combination of CPF and AV integrated in it. The Virus scans are fast and it don’t slow down my machine …and it’s free great job guys and a thx to all the community for the work.


I am still amazed at the speed of my PC and internet browsing. Both are faster with CIS installed than it was with any of the several other suites I have tried, and any combination of FW, AV, and HIPS I have used. Thanks.

Hope this is the right place for this.Just 1 question is the anti-virus definitions auto updated?daily or weekly Thanke

daily at the moment… trying to make it every few hours…soon…

Thank you for your kind words guys! It means so much to us. Afterall, who are we doing this for!! Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal! So getting these kind words makes our day!


Thanks Melih I did find that out .Got it all set up the way I wanted it and all I can say nice piece of work real smooth and very few pop ups,Only thing I miss is the E-mail scan was always used of watching that run but guess we don’t need that now lol :Beer
Thanks Larry~ Congratulations (:CLP)

Well you guys have got yourself another ex-user back. My laptop is a 4 year old Dell D400 with 1.4 GHZ CPU (but now I realise it is a high-spec netbook!!! :BNC)

Despite fitting the max possible of 2 GB it really struggled with Firewall 3. Boclean was a disaster. So spent the last few months with Kaspersky 2009 free evaluation. Very nice, low resources, but a bit tricky to get right, and some intermittent glitches. So I decided to look for another alternative (tried loads in the past) and saw that you guys had finally released CIS.

Only my first day on it, but flying along nicely, minimal pop ups. Well done! (:CLP)

Just one question - is BO clean incorporated into CIS? Does CIS include rootkit detection?

Congratulations again with the release. I cannot say it enough. You guys did a great job (L) (:CLP) :Beer

I agree with the fact that it is lightweight and fast. I am on Vista with an “ancient” AMD Athlon 2600 with 1 GB or RAM. CIS is faster than Comodo Firewall 3 with Antivir (the latter is already a lightweigt program). Needless to say I upped D+ security level to compensate for the, at the moment, somewhat limited virus data base. That experiment in it’s self worth the try to see how effective a HIPS is. (:NRD)

Good luck with building up of the virus database and infratructure. (R)

There is no antispyware integrated in CIS as of yet. It will be somewhere in the future. For the near future the focus will be on heurtistic analysis for the AV. There is no specific antirootkit module. With D+ you should be able to catch the install of a rootkit if I understand things correctly.

Yeah, This is a very good application- My friend was very greatful when comodo cleaned his system of 3 viruses including a rouge app - Restoring it to it’s peak performance.

I think that the detection rates of CIS are a 7.5/10

It’s very light indeed :smiley: I dropped Avira and nod32 in favour of CIS.

Thanks for your hard work and for offering this great product for free.

BO clean is not in CIS yet, will be soon.
Rootkit: yes we detect them as well. Any malware…


Hi All. I also would like to add my congratulations and thanks to Melih and everybody who developed CAVS3. I would also like to thank all forum members for their input on the beta versions that have made the released version so easy (for a computer novice like myself) to use. Best wishes to you all. Yamo. (:CLP) (CNY) ps I hope that this post is in the correct place? ???

Thank you Yamo!

it was our intention to make CIS a very usable product. Thank you for confirming this!


I just switched to it i like it great job comodo team :slight_smile:

It is nice that you are actively improving your software. However, I won’t use CIS for now. I see your antivirus is still in beta (it can be seen on the antivirus download web page). I’ll stick with Comodo Firewall with D+.

I hope you’ll keep releasing your programs separately (as well as in a bundle) so we can safely choose what we want. (L)

Thank you for taking the time to Cassie

The AV inside our CIS is no longer beta its a full version.

thank you


I must say I am chuffed to little meatballs with CIS. :BNC
It is an excellent product, even at this early stage.
I currently have a few months left on a couple of paid products and when they run out CIS is going on my machine, for sure. By that time, too, the AV element should be up there with the best, judging by the gazillions of malware samples being sent to COMODO by users. Good work fellas (and fella-esses!)
Additionally, I cannot see what is wrong with COMODO trying to recoup some of their development costs by offering the safe search and COMODO branded search engine.
I will be installing both when it comes to installing on a more permanent basis. Not because I’m unhappy with my current default search provider, but because I’m grateful for such a cracking good product for no cost.
Thank you Melih and all the team.
(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Thank you everyone!

Can`t tell you how grateful we are for these kind words!

thank you again.


This may be of interest to some. If this test is valid then even with having such a young AV component, CIS did quite well. http://ssupdater.com/modules/Forums/index.php?showtopic=3746

How did Malwarebyte’s Anti Malware come last? I tested it with new malware and it removed EVERYTHING, shortcuts, links, directories, the lot! NOD32 didn’t convince me though, left ALOT.

However, it’s a good result for Comodo…I just find the overall test very unconvincing.

I kindly invited the owner to come to our forums so that we can ask questions about his methodology.
i am hoping he will come and we will have a chance to ask him questions.