It is time for a new version to come out!

I think it is time to bring a newer version of comodo BOCLean out becuase the current one is good i just think that it needs to be completely redesigned from scratch like the CIS the UI is easy to use something like that for BOClean would be good

They have been working on BOClean 5 for awhile now I believe. I thought I read somewhere it will be different then ver. 4.xx’s but a good different with quite a few improvements. After all it is Comodo so you know you won’t be let down. ;D

v5’s resource usage will be much less. that version will probably get integrated into CIS. :BNC

Hi boys :slight_smile:

This has already been mentioned/discussed in other topics and the wishlist :slight_smile:

All what Kev said about it was this :

That is also the information he shared with me, I don’t know anything more ( yet ). What I also mentioned earlier is that Kev is not only involved with BOClean, but with CIS and the “Remote Virus Removal by Comodo Experts” project as well. And if I understood Kev right, the last one has some priority now :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Sorry to say folks, CAV 3 is currently the highest priority (folks want a scanner, and CAV3 will be it) and I’ve been tied up over on that project for a while now. BOClean 5 is currently on “indefinite hold” until the AV is perfected, at which time we’ll get back to that since 4.27 is “uber-stable” for most. Can’t go into much more detail right now, but CAV 3 is going to be absolutely wonderous …

I understand too that more people want a scanner (and I can tell it will amazing after being perfected). :slight_smile:

Hey Kev,

Just wondering what the future Holds for BOclean, Is it going to still be a long term project? Or is it going to fade out once the sigs are added into comodo?

The best thing about BOclean is that you can set and forget… You could install it on the most inexperienced persons Pc and they won’t even know + they will have a great antimalware application :slight_smile:

I apreciate your work!

i too think it is high time for a new BOClean as it is quite resource heavy and i always seem to get a little hangtime when i install it! well it is in need of a much needed overhaul with respect to what it looks like not so much how it functions as it does what it is supposed to do.

Hi Kyle :slight_smile:

I am not Kev :stuck_out_tongue: but the fact BOClean 5 will be developed means it will not fade out in the near future :slight_smile: And remember that was also the promise Melih made to Kevin when Comodo bought the Privacy Software Corporation :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Rednose.

I think it is mandatory as well to have a new icon as the squeegee on the black computer screen is just annoying… 88)…that being said i have some mad skills on photoshop but do not know how to transfer that to an icon?

Hi ryanman :slight_smile:

What do you think of RejZoR’s icons ???

From this topic :

Greetz, Red.

Look here: I've updated my enhanced trey icons for BOClean - Split from: COMODO BOClean 4.27 | Wilders Security Forums :slight_smile:

i’ve seen those…there ok…but i’ve got a design that will kick some serious…you know…

So you’re working on CAV 3 as well! Nice. :-TU CAV 3 will be even better when that BOClean get’s in it… hehe.


I don’t totally understand how BOclean is going to be intergrated into CAVS3? Is it going to be two seperate engines or include BOcleans sigs within CAVS? What about overlapping signatures that are already existing in both products?

I have no idea tbh Kyle.

I had read somewhere that it will be same signatures.

It won’t just be a case of integrating the BOclean signatures into CAVS since the methodology of the 2 products is different.BOclean scans for in-memory malware so it’s this capability that’ll be incorporated. :■■■■

can’t wait for that…i have CIS, BOClean and CMF - if there is only 1 white shield and the power of those three programs that will be sweet!!! (CLY)