PM problem: somehow Andy is blocking me and can't unblock

That interesting…I got your PM, but I can’t reply. ???

See attached.

(You may want to split this topic, and put the PM discussion in the Off Topic board)

[attachment deleted by admin]

That’s most odd,obviously a bug at Comodo’s end :-\

P.S. I’ve had no end of problems with vlite too 88)

So is your blocklist like this: (see attached)

I wonder if Home Premium doesn’t work well with vLite. :THNK

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes I keep an empty blocklist,I’ve never had need to block anyone.
As for Vlite I keep getting prompted to install this application (forget the name) I downloaded a huge ISO and installed the thing to no avail,never had a single issue using Nlite so it’s doubly annoying.