Is Xcitium already dead?

Comodo abandoned CIS to focus on a new aproach releasing XCITIUM website with its enterprise products.

Xcitium has made a deal with UOL (an Brazilian company) to provide its zerodwell containment endpoint protection.

Now the question is: are xcitium going to provide “client” side protection like a rebranded CIS or just an console to manager the security by the server?

Everything about it is important as we remain waiting for some info regardless CIS development. As COMODO doesnt talk about it for 3 years, we have to go search elsewhere informations for that matter.

Does anyone has any info about this deal with the brazilian company? about the client side of apps?

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Edge UOL suggests/provides security solutions (among other things). They don’t code or rebrand.

hi sister. i know that. have worked at uol in the past.

please, tell us anything about the subject of this topic, my question itself? i promise ill not say who you really are :slight_smile:

My apology as I misunderstood the question! The promotion of Xcitium by UOL is focused on the Corporate side of things targeting Katin America, essentially as an alternative to the much pricier (and much less elegant) usual suspects like SentinelOne or CrowdStrike.

Actually they are also starting a push currently in the Middle East (Qatar currently) with SysCom as the distributor.

It shouldn’t have any effect on the consumer side, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the company keeps the Comodo brand for the consumer product offerings as a way of differentiation.

I hope that as well since in my opinion Xcitium is a ■■■■ name. COMODO (in all capital letters) is a much better name, it screams security, protection and quality. Xcitium on the other hand sounds like the name of some medication or laxative. :-X

I also hope that they pay more attention to their home products branch. Currently it seems abandoned except for maybe Comodo Dragon browser which is often getting new releases.

It seems as if the people currently in charge of COMODO/Xcitium don’t have much care for the CIS Project or don’t take it as a priority at all. They don’t seem to honor Melih’s manifesto.

Hopefully Melih can return as the CEO in the future or nominate another CEO which will give the CIS project the support and care it deserves.

I personally feel that the name change is wise. There is power in a Name, and a marketing benefit to distance the Corporate from the Consumer- seen before with Symantec vs Norton.

but melih, why ignore cis for these long?

CIS is still operational today on my PC
The malware interception system created by Melih is still functional
So for now…thanks to him

Melih is not the CEO of Comodo/Xcitium anymore just the Founder & Chairman.
Currently he seems focused in his other business and companies (stuff related to home automation tech). Another CEO was appointed for Comodo/Xcitium.

Hopefully Melih can return someday to bring CIS back to glory. Or nominate other person who will do it. Current people in charge don’t seem to have much interest in CIS.

Long long time ago Ming.zhou said that the CIS team had human resource issues (e.g multiple developers fired or quit) so why a multi million dollar company take this long to hire new people for the CIS team? The only explanation I can think is that CIS does not seem to be a priority for the people currently in charge of the company and that’s unfortunate.

this or the company is not ,multi million dollar as you said… maybe the company is going down the hill as it seems the corporate segment doesnt care too much about comodo products.

or they just dont care anymore about cis.

anyway, is melih still the owner of the company? if so, he can change things… he just needs to “want” it… right?

I studying marketing and use comodo since 2006, updates help disclose or publish products…
Comodo internet security is safe, but updates help in publish of products… :-TU

sorry my english! ;D

It seems so. That’s why I suggested in another thread a few months ago, for the Mods and some long time users to make an effort to contact Melih, and see if he can do something to reverse the bad fate that is seemingly expected for CIS. No one took it seriously.

CIS is a passionate project from Melih, he even said some years ago that ‘CIS is his baby’. So it is up to someone to actually reach out to him and inform him about the current state of CIS development as well as the human resource issues the CIS team is facing, and since he is the owner of the company he can certainly do something about it.

I won’t try to contact him myself because I don’t feel entitled for that. Mods on the other hand dedicated years of their life to help maintain the Comodo Forums and the cause of CIS, so they are entitled.

updates help to publicize product and make it more popular… :-TU
Updates gives confidence to users;
Updates gives security to users;
Updates fixed bugs and improvements products of company!

but then, if he is the owner of the company, there is no way he is not aware of whats going on here on this forum and with cis. this, as i see, just enforce the conjecture that cis is abandoned and the owner doesnt care anymore.

He may not be aware of the CIS situation since now he is focused on managing his other companies. He entrusted the Comodo company to this new CEO and some other people. Maybe he just entrusted CIS to the wrong people as they don’t seem to care about it while Melih himself probably would care, if properly informed about what is happening with CIS development since the past 2 years. We can’t know for sure unless someone talk to him but as it seems no one will do that, so we are left with nothing but speculations and waiting indefinitely for news regarding CIS development.

sorry… We must always disclose the products, this is good for the company and the company’s products, updates in addition to corrections, we also have the disclosure, this helps to popularize the company and its products;
comodo internet security is safe, protect against spywares and others malwares… :-TU