Is this site related to Comodo?

Hi Comodo,
I just discovered the website which claims to offer a legitimite antivirus product. The website uses interface that is very similar to Comodo’s website and it also uses the same icons. The installer that is being downloaded from the site is Comodo Internet Security’s installer, although there are few technologies mentioned, that are developed by Avast. Hope you can take a look at the website. ??? ???

Seems a mixture of avast and Comodo… What’s that?

Looks like a complete rip-off
They link to comodo download servers… If you try download button you end up here:

I’ll notify staff

Thanks Ronni.

And their founder/CEO (one Dr. W. Wills) is nowhere as good as Melih. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is this a face you can trust?


Looks more like a fake AV. They are everywhere and usually go after the big dogs, Avast, Avira, MSE, etc.

I did not realize that this was posted before, sorry.

Yeah, not a very reputable site. See what WOT has to say:

Got to say though. At least they have good taste in the software they are ripping off. ;D

Interesting, discusses Avast! and links to Comodo.


I merged the two threads.

This site doesn’t seem to be dangerous…it is just linking to reputable security software (Comodo) and kind of claiming it is theirs. And being a bit confusing, with describing avast! and linking to Comodo.

At least any newbie who stumbles upon that site shouldn’t get infected (and might be secured, if they download CIS). Unless the site changes to more malicious things…

Still, it is not an official website to source from. Does not even give Comodo credit for the linked software, and the Avast! team should be upset also.
I note too since they discuss Avast!, they are also false advertising, as CIS’ AV (what they link to) does not work anything like Avast!.
There is no link on that site to even contact anyone.

The website should be taken down asap.

Information links:

(see attached text file)

I checked with three different Whois services. All the same. I did not believe it was legal to block domain name registration information.

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So what’s different between original Comodo program ?
I’ll check avast forum later.

Right now it’s a legit Comodo program, identical.
In the future, who knows, probably will be linked to malware.

On the bright side LinkExtend has a page rank of 0/10 so its not a very active site that gets visited frequently. It also has bad reviews for the site as a whole.

Just linking to Comodo’s AV, with the write-up about Avast! will give Comodo a bad rap with those that do download and discover it is not what they expected. They can also think Comodo is behind this, further hurting the Comodo name.

Melih need to get Legal on this to shut it down asap.

we are aware of it. thanks guys.


Melih, is it possible that u can tackle the issue legally?

Comodo can now sue this doctor (if he exists) and cure it in an express way. :smiley:
He uses and renames copyrightet materials by 2 companies, without any permission.

Block? Many domain name registrars offer whois protection. I think it is legal (you just have to force the whois protector to give up the info).

It is probably some guy in India who didn’t make it through college (or didn’t go to one). 88)