Is there anybody around here who can mail me a new comodo logo?

This current design is so beautiful, but it’s too hard to redesign or make sample web pages without source file.

If there is anyone who can help me, plz send me a msg, email:, or MSN/Gtalk:

Thanks a lot, and I’ll never use it for business or other way without permission, on my oath.

BTW, I’m a web product designer from comodo china office.

ehm 88) are you really a comodo employee?

I just PM’d Melih asking to confirm this and noted there is no staff avatar.

Of course I am, Melih is just seating in the meeting room behind me.

I wonder if I can get one.

we need proof. OK. let’s see… 88)
show us the Comodo dance 88)


I’ve no idea what comodo dance is…

Check the IP and who has used it. I think Melih will confim. Melih posted from this IP yesterday if the log is correct.


Ganda’s just mess’in with ya Wenhuan Shang

Yeah I have the same IP with Melih. There is only one network export in china office.

Still the old logotype here… 88)

Hello Wenhuan Shang. (:WAV)

I’m LA. Always nice to see Comodo staff online!

if you’re really a comodo staff then you gotta know the move. c’mon show me the “twisted chin” move 88) …ow sorry,i think the move is for top management level only.
how about the “sprinkle monkey” maneuver? :-La
no? no dance?.
then what’s your proof? 88)

Melih does not appear on his IP user list, but he did post at this IP. I’ll wait for confirmation from Melih, Thank you.

Melih is in the US, Wenhuan Shang is in China. I guess Melih was just visiting.

i’ll give you 24 hours to prove yourself not guily >:( and then we’ll go good-cop crazy-cop on you >:(
and we don’t take temporary insanity as a plead >:(

LOL, seems like only one guy here is insane ;D

Melih is in china now. He came to Beijing on Monday morning.

Don’t bother if it’s too much trouble, I’ll draw it myself…

I’ve sent you a PM with some contact information to get you any logo’s you might need for web development.

so he’s really comodo guy? :-X >_<
sorry sir, won’t happen again sir.
ten pushups sir? :-La

Cool, Wenhuan Shang. So what does it mean to be a web products designer? Sounds interesting. O0