Is there anybody around here who can mail me a new comodo logo?

Bravo Ganda ;D

You don’t even scare the girls/women here, but now Comodo employees too :o

Greetz, Red.

Plz feel free to call me wenhuan (my chinese name) :slight_smile:

Web Product designer, different from Product Manager, for I only design how my product is working, what it will looks like, but I don’t manage engineers to keep my product meet the schedule…

Feel awkward?

Hi Wenhuan :slight_smile:

So if I understand you right, you are the graphic designer for Comodo Web Producs ??? but not Comodo software ???

Greetz, Red.

Maybe not again, but before… :wink:

How many pushups so far? :smiley:

OK, thank you Wenhuan. Sounds nice. :slight_smile:

Partially correct, There is a full time graphic designer (a pretty girl ;D) work with me and I will give her guidance. My work is more like a interaction designer. Familiar with CSS / SEO / UCD / UE / UI / SNS / GUI / Web2.0 balabala…

Then you might know about Plone and Zope? I’ve tried to gain knowledge in those things at my work, but I find it pretty messy to work with. :frowning: (I’m not educated in web stuff…)

now we’re talking,why didn’t you say it earlier. that’s the proof we want :-TU
so… tell me more about the pretty girl ;D

If he is smart, he won’t ;D

Greetz, Red.