Is it safe to remove files from " My pending files"?

In defense+ section,in “My pending files”,I dont known the files whether to be trust and the CFP dont know either after i submit the pending files, can i use the" remove" buttom to remove the pending files?the “remove” means delete the files from my hard dish or just remove files from " My pending files"?

Hi lhc

If you click on “purge” it will remove all files that are no longer on your computer. then click “lookup” and it will check if the files are on the Comodo safe list. If they are they will come back labeled “safe” and will be removed automatically. The rest can then be sent to Comodo for inclusion in the safe list. Just leave them pending for the time being until they are labeled safe or you can move them to your safe list yourself if you are certain that they are safe.

Hope this is a bit of help for you



I have submit the pending files to CFP for a few times in two days,the conclusion still is “unknown”,and the CFP will submit the pending files by itself even when i am offline,this disturb me ,so i want to remove the pending files from “my pending files” but not from my pc, if this “remove” is just remove from “my pending files” but not from my pc?i need to confirm this.

Confirmed. It will not remove your computer files. Only from the pending list.


thanks a lot.

My issue with this is that I believe that every time I get the cfpres.dll error at boot up or wake up, there are new files in this list. I believe the two phenomena could be related. Also, I see no evidence that “submit” works as I have had the same files (Avast updater etc.) show up in this list over and over.