What are they?

???I’M wondering …
Okay I’m not a technical person, but having version 3 of this wonderful firewall since it came out , I had it set :
Firewall Security Level: Custom policy Mode, and Defense + Security Level : Paranoid mode…
For a while everything was fine.
But yesterday I’ ve seen my Files waiting for review was kind of busy… 174 files.
Checking them I did not know what they were so I’ve send them in “quarantine”
Really , what are they ?
Can I remove them or purge? I don’t know…
Can you please help ?
Here is a pict of the quarantine…

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From another thread…

(L) Thanks a million, Great to have you here! (:HUG)

Those files are from system restore (actually an automated backup of files and settings). This may be a bug. I have the same issues and I got over 800 files in my pending list (the previous version added 3000+ files).
Those files are placed in my pending list because V3 stated they were modified. :-\

Anyway I have two questions for you. did you enable windows indexing service? Did you hange some settings in Windows search function?
Do you have any other comodo product installed?
Do you have a cd emulator software like daemon tools http://www.daemon-tools.cc/ ?

You’ve got my answer in red…
So, since I’ve changed my setting mode , defense is trained with safe mode. This way my Comodo will learn again ( I think) … I’m I right?


Those files are added to pending list because V3 detect they were modified. I got plenty of these entries but I’ve not found any reason for these.
changing modes will not affect this. as long a file is modified and it is not in comodo DB of safe files it will placed in pending list.

I guess that V3 incorrectly mark them as modified.

If this appens again post a bugreport.
AFAYK System restore files should not be added to pending list. But on my config are listed also files that I’ve not run or altered in many other folders.