Is comodo antivirus dependable? AV-Comparitives eliminated Comodo??

Is comodo antivirus dependable? I find it reports too much false positive as it removes many files that are legitimate and are not found in other virus scan tests. I do not find Comodo anti virus in the AV Comparatives tests either … I heard that Comodo Anti virus is eliminated from AV Comparatives due to too many false positives?? is it true?

Is Comodo Antivirus ready to be used in the real world??

Comodo was found to be a lightweight in the past. A recent test, have no time to look up the topic here at the forums, showed Comodo having a detection rate of 96% and with the upcoming introduction of family signatures I would say Comodo is ready for the world and ready for big test programs like VB and AV Comparatives.

I would love to see comodo win some VB awards. I personally would wait to submit comodo after family signatures are established and working good. ;D

The family signatures have already being being worked on before the release of 3.9. The introduction may be, if things work out, in June.

Comodo Antivirus is dependable in my research i shown it detecting malwares which are being missed by avast, kaspersky, etc. , although comodo antivirus does not detect 100 % malwares (as its impossible for any antivirus software even though they claim they do :wink: )
So, you can see the above thread to see comodo antivirus improvement as it detects malwares which are at times missed by other top rated antivirus.
Comodo still has False positives at times (as per my info.) but they are being reduced alot with 3.9,
I also want to see comodo participating in AV-Comparatives, VB Tests,
Comodo is improving rapidly, now updating also becoming (or became) 30 min update interval so we are more protected against Zero-day threats :-TU

September tests comming up for AV-Comparitives.
Will comodo be entering this test?

Of course not :slight_smile:

CIS has a huge FP rate.

I don’t think it will be entering before V4.

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I don’t think CIS V4 will be in any tests other than AMTSO compliant tests. AMTSO tests are designed to test anti malware apps from a starting point of a clean PC, unlike current test methods that start from an infected base position.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just bumping this thread;

The tests made from AV-C are on clean pc’s, Dormant malware though.

and therefore they are not clean - they are infected. AMTSO tests are designed to include PREVENTION in the test profile, not just DETECTION or REMOVAL.

I do, however, see your point about the other post. :wink:

Quote from: Kyle on Today at 07:39:01 AM The tests made from AV-C are on clean pc's, Dormant malware though.

and therefore they are not clean - they are infected. AMTSO tests are designed to include PREVENTION in the test profile, not just DETECTION or REMOVAL.

So, I could start with a clean computer, then plug in a usb drive with the “dormant” malware on it. That should satisfy AV comparatives and you. And it is certainly a real world scenario. If CIS doesn’t pick up the malware on the usb drive once you try and install it, then to me they would not be providing protection that I think is expected and required these days. While I wouldn’t personally be too concerned if it didn’t detect anything on a usb drive if I scanned it, as long as I got some alerts about strange behavior if I launched it, I also think it is fair to give credit to anti-malware scanners that WOULD pick it up on a scan of the usb drive.

Why can’t Comodo compete on detection like all those other companies AS WELL as AMTSO?
I aready know D+ is dang fine ;D I’d like to see an Anti Virus test.

Detection: Means you are infected
Prevention: means you are clean and you want to keep it this way…

Our strategy from day one has been providing you Protection. The best way to provide it is using D+.
If you have a clean pc and use D+ then the need for detection is pretty much gone down the drain. Our focus is Protection, rather than cleaning an infected PC. Our focus is about keeping a clean pc Clean. You see in theory, if everyone used CIS on a clean PC then noone would need to clean their PCs using AV products.

But we know there is a huge amount of infected PCs out there. Its something we are working on as being able to detect is only half the battle, being able to effectively clean is a whole another story. Just like we did a damn good job of Protecting, we want to do a damn good job of cleaning an infected PC (not just detecting, as detecting and not being able to remove is a painful experience). Watch this space.


I agree with you Melih, The problem is though that comodo bolsters it’s AV and claims to be “Proven” Where??;

And here;

[b]AntiVirus Important Features[/b] Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination Our download offers free AntiVirus protection that exceeds the protection offered by expensive security suites

Andreas doing testing means proven?


I didn’t say anything. It’s comodo making those claims, Don’t spin things on me.

think about it this way, an auto maker says they just built the worlds safest car. Ok, well do you take their word for it or does an independent tester (NHTSA) test out the car and say yes it’s the safest.

So to me when some one says proven they have to have some kind of independent recognized testing authority to back that up. (av-comparatives, Malware Research Group,, virus bulletin, sc magazine, etc), just look at kaspersky and all of these tests/awards are verifiable.

And when NHTSA tests it, do they take some features out of the “best” car so it only has the same features as the others?

It would be great if CIS’s AV had the same or better detection rates as other AVs. I’d like nothing more than to see that. But CIS’s AV isn’t like standard AVs. The primary focus of CIS is on prevention, and, as current testing methods don’t factor this in by starting from a clean uninfected PC, one of it’s strengths is removed from the testing cycle, thereby weakening the overall perception of the product.

Hopefully,someone will come up with an AMTSO compliant test suite soon.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sure, so how does this organsiation test the Anti Malware capabilities of CIS without running dynamic test?
This is why AMTSO was setup!
Why are these testing orgs who are members of AMTSO not running AMTSO compliant tests? This should be a question you guys should be asking.