Is comodo antivirus dependable? AV-Comparitives eliminated Comodo??

It seems like my “Issue” is being avoided.

“Your issue” and What comodo does is 2 different things.

You are trying to measure “your issue” with what comodo does without fully appreciating they are two different things. Pre-emptive strike vs Reactive Attack…you measure them differently…You have different tools for both…you have different metrics for both…you can’t use the Reactive Attack metric for pre-emptive strike can you?

The static tests purely test an infected PC and how well it can find the infections via detection. Do you agree Kyle?

CIS is about keeping a clean PC clean.

Infected PC cleaning is a different ball game and because of the failure of current solutions out there to make sure a clean PC stays clean we are seeing huge amount of infected PCs wh are coming to us for a solution. So we will provide them a solution too soon. But that requires very powerful cleaning capability and not just simple detection (again something that is not appreciated too well).


CIS won’t keep the PC clean if the user is not experienced. End of story.

That is what comes with a HIPS based firewall anyway.

When the user is not experienced this guide can help How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts! to tighten up security. Note this works best when the user is not installing new software; but not experienced and not installing new software usually go hand in hand.

we have over 20 millions users and we don’t have many people complaining they got infected. How do you explain that? Remember during Confiker, while other AV’s forums was littered with how do I clean my PC from confiker, CIS users were protected from this.

A huge amount of infections are caused without user knowing about it Buffer Overflow etc. A good portion of the end users are aware enough to say no to an application trying to install when they simply visit a site. Buffer overflow is yet another way to inject executables silently. “Silent Infections” are a big issue today.

CIS today is very usable (doesn’t mean that we stop improving its usability eg: CIS v4) and over 20Million people are happy with it.

But at some level you are right if a user goes to a site and they get a red alert saying malware.exe is trying to install even though they just only gone to this site to read something and they say sure why not let me install this thing I don’t know of, then the user will get infected. We are yet to see this case happening in our forums or our users.


Stop being such fanboys and think racionally. No one should come to a forum to learn how to configure something. It’s stupid. CIS is not suitable for 90 % of population. And you still don’t get it. :-\

Do you use CIS?


Yes, as you can see from my signature. :slight_smile:

Then, hereby I declare CIS novice friendly :slight_smile:

(only joking Cocktail :slight_smile: )


Well I’m using comodo internet security and have not been infected. And comodo has been working to keep pop up’s from CIS down by making a whitelist. CIS is for prevention, Default Deny. Comodo is working on improving the product and detection its not like there just setting around. And there creating CIS V4 which will probably improve detection and removal.

you have to remember something Melih, people don’t install security software or change security companies because they are clean, they change because they don’t have security and they are infected or because their current security failed and got them infected. To me it is just as important if not more to make a computer clean that is already infected as it is keeping things out. If a new customer tried CIS and can’t get their PC clean they will move on. Even though it’s capable at keeping them clean, if they can’t get clean to start out with they will not stick with the company.

There are over 170M PCs manufactured every year. A lot of people install security when they purchase their product. But of course what you say is also true that many people turn to security after a bad incident of infection. But prevention and cleaning are 2 different functions. However we will offer both and our cleaning will be kind of “power cleaning”. Detection without ability to clean is just pure teasing. We are working on some very strong “acid like cleaning” for the worst infections. But as I said, we have to differentiate Prevention from Cleaning. Even after you clean, you don’t need a cleaner but a Preventative solution.


most people form my experience don’t even think about buying security software, they just want to use the pc as fast as possible, that is the main reason why tons of infections happen December 25/26 because people don’t update windows or get any security software, they just jump online. Also, most people just use what is included with the PC, that’s why norton and mcafee pay to have trials installed on the pc when it’s manufactured but most people just use the trail up, don’t want to pay for security and just ignore the warning that it has expired. By the time they start looking for security the pc is so badly infected that the only way to save it is reformat or heavy duty bootable cleaning (one of the main reason I think comodo should build a bootable version of comodo av).

Peace. :slight_smile: It’s true, I’m not Egemen.