Introducing the New Look of CIS!

Hello Everyone,

We are working on a new design for CIS, and as long time users, we would like to get your opinion and feedbacks and incorporate these into our design.

We are excited to hear your comments about screenshots.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Gray text on almost black background hard readable. Too many unused space looking really bad. I don’t see HIPS control button on “main page”. Very big buttons, it’s for PDA or…? Maybe add some helpful information on main page insted that VERY big comodo logo, eg base updated date, firewall blocking rules used last time, “malware” detected counts,what app using connection, isolated apps, blocked apps, rules policy used (HIPS, Firewall), buttons for control AV/HIPS/Firewall - turning it on/ off

Those are some big icons, is this for tablet or pc?

The new fresh look looks great but personally I’m no fan of dark backgrounds and grey fonts.
Is there also a light version of it? Maybe share some screenshots of that too?
Maybe also share some screenshots of settings FW/HIPS rules windows etc. etc.
Thank you very much for creating this great product.

The new look is amazing to me!!! Love it!
Straight forward, clear and simple, great UI design!
And yeah, some users may not prefer dark theme, please provide a light theme as well

Hi and welcome . . . quite impressed with the possible new design(s). They seem very much along the lines of CCAV which if using that rendering UI would also solve some long time bugs and requests at the same time. Slick and very smooth in appearance

design dark is better;
screenshots options?

+1 The CCAV was a good UI and would work well with CIS

Would love to see some setting screenshots please.

I would much rather you learn how to save dialog and window positions and especially column widths for every window so I don’t have to ‘redesign’ CIS every time I update on every device I care for - something I was programming back in the 90s…

well, i dont care for themes… but if its necessary to choose, make anything darker than the night… with texts in white!!!

or allow us to have an option to completely disable themes and use windows default theme instead… this would make cis ui faster and with less bugs…

hope that this will not delay (more) the new release that is supose to solve the ninja tray icon bug…

If you want more opinions and feedback from users to incorporate it into your design you have to (you must) provide (much) more screenshots such as general settings windows, FW/HIPS windows, File Rating windows, etc. etc.
There is just not too much to say about the 4 simple screenshots given in your first post.
Only by providing more screenshots you will get the feedback you are asking for.

I just want Comodo make consistent GUI for all their products. CIS looks modern but Killswitches, Secure Shopping, Virtual Desktop, Browser look like they’re not getting any update after 2013.

As already pointed out, more screenshots are needed in order to forming an opinion.
First thing that comes to my mind by looking at these screenshots is that all icons are too big. This is not necessarily a bad thing when taking into account visually impaired users, however if you scale the size of every icon, picture and also main interface ‘Protection status’ to around 30% less size, would be a step in the right direction.

What will the ‘advanced’ screen look like? That’s what I’m using, as I bet are most long-term CIS users.

CIS is principally a desktop PC tool, so lets have a desktop PC UI and not one clearly designed for phones and tablets please.

Same for me

Same for me too.

I certainly agree on this one too!!!
The very clear, tight and small UI design of CIS V5.12 - I loved it and I really do miss that UI so much.
Let us have an option please to choose between a UI designed for Desktop PC (with good old mouse pointing devices) and a UI designed for phones and tablets (for finger or stylus pointing touchscreen devices)

Thank you.


Thank you all for your feedbacks! These comments are so valuable for us. We are also preparing light theme, I will share light theme screen examples later. I attached some “Settings” screenshots.

Product management team

It’s a interesting new look. I agree, the CCAV type theme is a good one though brighter text would be good as well as a Advanced View page that’s currently available. I like to see how many things have been blocked etc.

A choice of Themes / Colours is always preferred, but so far these Screenshots are very impressive. A complete change that puts CIS appearance on a par with any of the rest