Introducing the New Look of CIS!

Yes please, share the same screenshots so far in light theme too.

In the dark theme I find the dark grey check boxes / pull down items / text menu tabs (such as Excluded path/Excluded Applications etc.) very hard to distinguish from the background and are therefore very hard and a pain to read.
I think more users will have some problems with this color palette.

As a wish, make the color palette adjustable somehow.

Also, increase the size of the smallest font used with a few points.

Is the KillSwicht gateway present because I use it often ?

Edit:Will advanced mode be available ?

Looks nice to me. Keep it up. Any ETA please?

+1 Will add I don’t really like how the ui looks in those screenshots so hopefully we will have the option to keep the ui we’re using now once its final.

it is like for users advanced… :-TU
Will advanced mode be available ?

Absolutely love these!

You’ve kept all the options grouped reasonably similar to what they currently are for consistency, but haven’t been scared of modifying the UI and UX.

I would suggest two Modes Simple and Advanced.

Simple could use the home screen as is, Advanced could add HIPS into the home screen.

None tech savvy users won’t want to modify HIPS much but tech savvy users will.

Can’t wait to see this added!

P.s. Also you seem to have lost the statistics on the home screen i.e. Network Intrusions, Contained Apps, etc.

I would at the very least add these as text under the corresponding large buttons or what I would find much more useful would be to create a live statistics page accessible from the home screen. Think live summary graph e.g. How many firewall alerts per day/minute at what time in a live graph form (something like GlassWire) and total stat figures for each module HIPS, Containment, AV, etc. Would be very useful for pinpointing attacks without crawling the log.

If you are going to update the theme, you may as well upgrade the usefulness of it whilst you’re at it!

P.s. 2 It also appears not all settings are accessible via the settings panel i.e. Firewall and Auto-Containment. In my opinion it would be a bad idea to separate these, as the UX of the current Settings layout is actually near to perfect. It doesn’t need changing, nor in my opinion should it be.

Keep the settings together, no need to make it more confusing.

Zeynep, welcome here at the forums.

I do like the new UI; it brings CIS more on par with current design trend(s), tablet like as some already commented. Of course there is room for improvement but I like foundation of the new style. :slight_smile:

The Basic View of the main screen could do with some extra information like in the current UI. I do like the color black but think other colors should be made available to suit other people’s preferences.


CIS has two faces. One for the mainstream user who does not want and need much information and one for the advanced users who prefer more detailed information. I always have the UI in Advanced View as many others here at the forums.

+1 for remembering column width

Especially the icon in the Protection screen. That page could do with some more information.


On a side note. This build will require a testing period given the change in UI.

Will there be an interim build using the current UI with just bug fixes? When will a more current build, 6870 has had update testing, released to the wider audience by the program updater? The wider audience is still on 6818 which was released spring 2019.

I’m a fan of DARK interfaces, but not necessarily BLACK interfaces. I find BLACK interfaces can be difficult to read and may lack sufficient contrast. Here is an example of a DARK interface that shows DARK and BLACK are not the same. I think it is fairly easy to read and a good example for a DARK theme.

Hard to say… ???
So many A/V security companies are opting for dumbed down interfaces these days. Personally I’m not a fan of that model. I want GUI details showing what’s going on.
One nifty little touch that a copy of Norton Internet Security did (can’t remember which version) was to show an active live GUI map of the world, posted in banner format along the bottom of the main GUI interface showing active infections. Infected countries had little lights that twinkled across the map.
As for how this new interface looks, it’s hard to say… it’s simple, but I’m wondering if this is the “simple user interface”?
How about showing us advanced geeky users what the “advanced interface” will look like?
I hoping to be amazed! 8)

I do agree (regarding wanting to see the detailed data kept).

the grey fonts with black background is no no, for my… the color in protection i found like a game or something like that, the icons not look bad… the composition is good… but in general, change is good.

BTW, i love the firewall rule windows… nice and easy to work on it… i founded perfect.

Please don’t give us the “dumbed-down” look GUI. With the possible exception of the BASIC View mode. I am not a fan of the devolved flat graphics that appear to be the trend lately, possibly for the purpose of running smoother on lower powered mobile devices.

one solution is comodo allow users to choose interface;
create look dark with based in interface “lycie theme”, for example…
sorry my english!

I found a minor language error in the Custom Scan screen. In the text in the upper part is says ‘thread(s) found’ where it should be ‘threat(s) found’. The spelling is correct in the sentence at the bottom;“Turn off this computers when no threats are found at the end of the scan”.

Zeynep showed some in this post at page 2.

I would like to see the main screen more informative then is suggested now. In general I want two interfaces to remain: one of the mainstream users and one for the advanced interface.

No feedback regarding these questions yet?

What will the new desktop widget look like?

Personally I’m using dark theme only when needed, so unless they won’t force me to use it 24/7, I’m fine with it.