'Internet Security will change forever'

Hah. It’s interesting.
Just visit http://www.agnitum.com/ and look at the banner. :slight_smile:

■■■■!! :o

Comodo needs to release DACS in less than 21 hours! :wink:

Gee how many times can you write buy now on a web site? Comodo will not have to worry.

Hello at all Comodo for me ( v.5 ) is a excellent prodoct above all with Windows Seven at 64 bit Kind regards

They’ve added 2 new hours. ;D

Agnitum Launches Free Outpost Internet Security Suite

Thanks Melih. After OA free now Outpost free. Good job, keep the pressure on them until I’ll see Symantec free. ;D

Well the internet security world is not really changed.I’ve tested the new suite against 4 malware samples on the highest possible settings.Here are the results>>>

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To quote their website:

Agnitum Launches Free Outpost Internet Security Suite

Leading security vendor is first to deliver fully-functional free security suite

Hmmm… First, eh? 88)


"We believe users have a right to feel secure when they go online," said Vitaly Yanko, Agnitum’s Director for Marketing and Sales.

They’re taking words of of Melih’s mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the kicker:

Outpost Security Suite Free builds on the cutting-edge technologies in the commercial version of the suite. While it does not provide the depth of configuration, automation and control offered by the commercial suite, OSS Free provides comprehensive protection against the most prevalent threats in today’s online world.

Hmmm… So “fully-functional” doesn’t mean full-featured. :smiley:

CIS FTW :-TU :comodorocks: Outpost free suite is absolute garbage!

Installed & Uninstalled in 15 Mins. Firewall is too talkative & Antivirus is FP’s prone. It Detected 3 Nokia Suite Files & 2 Sony Ericcsons Suite Files as Trojan. Update only once a day. And not fully functional, Like every others a limited version of Pro Suite.

The only Fully Functional & Effective Security Suite is CIS.

I think Windows Firewall & MSE will protect better than Outpost Security Suite Free.


‘Internet Security will change forever’
Hahah it’s funny. They released poor product:
-you can get updates only one time a day!
Interface is nice - light, and shining, very nice, but security… poor AV

It hasn’t changed Internet security in any ways…

“The first and only.” They ■■■■■ me up. CIS outperforms that poor excuse for a free product with one flick! They have the nerve to call themselves by the title that CIS thrives in! In the UK they would not be allowed to use this term. Talk about false advertising.

+1. Also I didn’t realise it was free to start with but Comodo is still number 1.

You want the reality :smiley: see:


I think that the V7 (free) is not a lot more than V6 with a new number.
Still, not a bad product.

That’s not the reality; that’s the old problem: how to make a proactive program user friendly?
CIS V4 was supposed to be the solution; it wasn’t.
CIS V5 still isn’t.
Can we square the circle? Yes, but we’re still not quite there.

CIS is, as it has been for some years, the best solution around. But it still is an application for above average useres (not that I’m complaining).

Well, more friendly than V5? Do you know other HIPS based program, which is friendlier?

when I tested outpost pro I was not impressed so I can’t wait to try out the free version. It will be an interesting review.

Lookin’ forward to it. :wink: