What is your favorite Web Browser, and why? Please post your vote and explain, all members are able to vote 1 time. This poll will end in 6 days from when it started.

I use Firefox, even though I like Opera alot too.

Firefox is as simple as the basic explorer we get with Windows, Internet Explorer.
It is under constant construction and updates are often.
I love the built-in options that it comes with and the possibility to add extensions (A thing Opera lacks).
It looks good and is secure to most of the IE security flaws.

I nominate Firefox! :slight_smile:

I use Firefox. Opera, Flock and IE7, but I will put my vote on the one I use most… so… Firefox! I really like to use themes and extensions with it.

Opera, but also use for tests Firefox and Maxthon…

My favorites are Opera and Firefox. But since Opera 9 does not enclude greek language I voted for firefox

I like both IE and Firefox and have never bothered to try Opera (perhaps I should one day). The reason for liking Firefox is very obvious, better security, plenty of thems, nice interface, tabbed browsing…

As for IE (I know I might get some feedback here), I like it because it is the industry standard for browser. I have some experiences where a page would not display properly when I view it with Firefox. Therefore, IE would give me the least problem in terms of page display and I think the format that IE lays out a webpage is the prettiest to me :). With SP2 and pop-up blocker, there are more reasons to like it. :wink:

I still use Firefox most of the time though.

Yours truly,

I use IE7, it is fast, safe and reliable browser, along with secure Windows XP settings.
I use only firewall and I like, that I can visit any webpage with IE without getting infected.

Firefox. Basicly for it´s extensions that gives me the choice to do whatever I want with the browser.
Noscript extension for example made all the Antispyware apps obselete on my computer in a blow. I use a Antispyware on demand scan a couple of times per year to see if anything has slipped through for some unknown reason. But no spyware the last two (or is it three) years.

And yeah, it takes care of all(?) viruses, trojans, downloaders and so on, on websites, too since they cant load unless javascripts is enabled. Of course JAVA is turned off too (is JAVA needed for anything anyway?)
Well, maybe that is a bold statement, but I find it very difficult (this far impossible) to get infected with anything from the net when browsing (any infectious sites would be appriciated to prove me wrong :slight_smile: )

Adblock and flashblock makes every page look clean without any annoying movement.
Mouse gestures, which I can control fully, is hard to live without once you start using it. There are many more (I have currently 30+ extensions installed) but it would take too long to praise everyone of them :slight_smile:

The downside with many extension is of course that the browser isn´t as fast as if you wouldnt use any extensions. But it only adds maybe a second or so when browsing. It is a price I am more than willing to pay for the freedom. And FF takes alot of memory, but memory is cheap so 1024Mb takes care of that problem.

I too LOVE firefox browser (:LOV)

Because i provides updates now and then, I provides a variety of extensions and allows the user to use the tabbed browsing.

Wow, you mean you are part of the Firefox development team?

Yours truly,

He meant “it”, it was obviously a typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Firefox because of its speed, tabbed navigation & the security provided by the extensions (mentioned above).

I currently only use MSIE for MS’s site. I can’t try MSIE 7 because it’s not available for my OS.

Firefox and, to a much lesser extent, Opera. Why Firefox? Customizable to the Nth degree, quick updates when problems are identified, no Active X, large selection of skins, my daughter made me do it, easier (for me) to customize compared to Opera.

Oh, yes. I use IE7(b3) to access MS sites (WU and other downloads).


Therre is no need to use IE for updates anymore if you dont want.
When visiting this site: you can update with non IE browser.

This is from their about w.u.:

Why use WindizUpdate?

Not only will it keep you up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft, it will also keep software and drivers from other vendors updated. However, that functionality is currently missing.

Good reasons to use WindizUpdate

* No personally identifiable information is collected from your computer.
* No more unwanted spyware -- Microsoft Internet Explorer can finally be removed from your computer (if that were possible).
* It lists just the updates you need. If an update has been superceded by a newer one, it will not ask you to install the older one.
* Using enhanced data from MBSA, WindizUpdate will find more security patches needed for your O/S than the "other" website.
* If there is a security issue with a component that is not yet installed, it will not ask you to update it. For example, if you have not installed hyperterminal, it will not update it.
* It is not restricted to just Microsoft products. Software from other vendors can also be updated.
* Upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer is not considered a Critical Update!
* Works on Windows versions no longer supported by Microsoft -- Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95
* Our plugin is not an ActiveX control.
* Integrated download manager with error detection -- you can cancel downloads at any time, and the next time you wish to install the cancelled update, it will continue from where it left off. Only corrupted sections of the file are redownloaded.

If you are still not convinced that WindizUpdate is the site for you, please check out our page titled "do we need to say any more?


* There is a delay from when new updates are released from Microsoft to when they appear on this site.
* If you're using Internet Explorer, you will need to use Microsoft's Windows Update site for updates -- this site will be of no use to you.
* You'll need to upgrade your browser if you're using MSIE 4.xx -- This site won't work, neither will Microsoft's.</blockquote>

I can not guarantee that this is safe, but I belive it so. I have used it for a couple of months. If you only trust MS (healthy thinking really :slight_smile: ) you should stick with it. But, I thought I´d mention it to anyone interrested.

G’day all,

I really don’t care what browser I use. For me, the information is the important thing, not the medium used to display the info. Yes, I have a preference for the environment I work in, but not to the point that I would go into orangutang mode (stand on back legs and wave my arms frantically in the air) if my preferred method wasn’t available.

ewen :slight_smile:

I use Firefox because Leo said (G4 TechTv). (:WIN)

I use MyIE or Maxthon. In some sense it could be classed as IE, but I had to put other as Maxthon also has the ability to use the Gecko engine (unfortunately not by default… YET). I used to use Firefox but it eats up resources sometimes, I am also trying out Opera 9. It’s the nicest looking of the lot, but it too can eat up quite some resources and it doesn’t have the easy layout to support RSS feeds like maxthon. Also Maxthon has MANY skins so you can find a look that suits you best. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Also (although not the best thing) since by default it uses the IE engine, its FAST, even on the gecko engine you don’t notice any slow downs. It launches faster than any other browser I have used thus and it has tab browsing, favourite bar, built in flash get, it will integrate with FDM (Free download manager another APP i HIGHLY recommend) and a whole HUGE list of other features that firefox doesn’t quite get right yet. Maybe with MyIE2 (beta at present) or Opera or ever Firefox 2 when it comes out once it’s giving me all the functionality that I want with no perforance penalty i’ll make the switch.

That sounds interresting wintry. Can I use all the extensions in the Gecko engine powered maxthon?

As best I know, yes all the functionality is available whist using the gecko engine.

Sounds great. I remember maxthon from the days it had another name and I remember I liked it. Will definitely try it. Cheers.