Install Problems

I recently tried to install Comodo Antivirus and when that didn’t work I tried Comodo Internet Security. When I run the setup I am able to get to the point where I tick the boxes as to whether I want to change my homepage, change DNS…etc.

Once I press agree and install it comes up with an error message saying:

“Cannot launch setup - package corrupted”

and then another error message saying

“Cannot install comodo antivirus. Error: 4294967295. (null)”

I have not got any other antivirus installed currently and the windows firewall is set to off. I am using a Dell XPS laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

Hi Bandito93,
Comodo Antivirus is a component of Comodo Internet Security, running two separate installers will cause issues.
Be certain that there are no entries in Windows Programs and Features for either the Antivirus or the Internet Security.
If either is present please try to uninstall both before attempting a reinstall.

Edit: If you continue to run into problems re-installing because of partial installs try the following,
Run the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in Windows Safe Mode if possible, this was not designed with V6 in mind but it still could help.

Also after check to make sure the Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver and the Comodo Internet Security Helper Driver have both been removed, if not right click on the entry then choose uninstall.
Found in Windows Device Manager, select view Show hidden devices and look for these drivers under Non-Plug and Play Drivers.

As far as I am aware no Comodo products have been installed on the computer before. I was previously using Sophos which has now been uninstalled. I only ran CIS after the CAV failed to install and I got the same error message with both

EDIT: I checked for the drivers anyway and they aren’t there

Hi Bandito93,
All I can suggest is to make sure all the components of Sophos are removed.

Due to the failed installs the following guide kindly created by Moderator Chiron may help with the installion issues.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

exact same problem here. i had avast before this. after cis failed to installed, i installed avg free instead, and that went in without any problem. btw i downloaded cis from 2 separate locations, so i don’t think the file is corrupted. something else is tricking cis installer into thinking it is…

Hi tharunam,
You can find the forced uninstaller for Version 6.X attached to the post in the link below.
Forced uninstaller tools

In case you had trouble downloading the Uninstaller for Version 5.X, I have attached it to this post.

Kind regards.

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Thanks. Found it.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:
BTW did you delete your original post?