infected sites alert by avast

i just checked avast and avast listed infected sites for childrens.check the link

does free CIS protects from the viruses which comes from the above link if my sisters 8 years old girl open those sites with having free CIS?

she using free CIS. i asked my sister to install free CIS in my sister laptop

I think it does but if you want to be on the secure side download avast!(intstall it) and install only comodo firewall (defense+ will also get installed).

I hope i could help

Indeed, the virus aren’t coming “from that link” but it is a press release of avast about infections you can get just visiting sites (not even downloading things…). avast has a Web Shield and a Net Shield which identify and blocks these attacks.
Comodo uses a different approach and has a firewall and Defense+.
I think your sister is protected using CIS.

btw do you know if comodo AV will have a sort of Web shield in the future?

You will be protected because as soon as that piece of malware hits the disc it will be caught.

I have a thread in the wish list topic about a Comodo web shield

if i only install comodo firewall in my sister pc, does sandbox also inside my sister pc?

hi tech, avast has web sheild but comodo not having web sheild so wat will happen if virus comes through visiting sites?

how free CIS will protect pc? web sheild is very important.


CIS protect you with Defense+ and sandboxing. If anything strange asks you permission, deny :slight_smile:


sandbox is dam good:) thx comodo! :-TU :ilovecomodo:

I prefer Avast! to stop it before it hits my disk, then if anything does get through D+ should warn me.

If you want a web sheild to use with Comodo there is Wot & Web security guard (from Crawler). :slight_smile:

comodo sandbox is still immature, i got some malwares broken in. it is not quite useful if something really happens

Indeed it is rock solid. The files could be there in your computer but they can’t harm. No malware has broken it (yet).

I am surprised we haven’t seen a bypass of the sandbox. Yes, it can drop files in non protected areas but it will not survive reboot; and is therefor proven it did not damage/intrude on your system.

is there any security like web sheild in CIS?

if not then does security like web sheild will be available?

What does web shield?

Comodo’s AV blocks dangers website like web shield does (more or less). In case you necessary need web shield then keep avast! (i assume you use avast! free) and install comodo firewall. You don’t need the webb-shield in my view; CIS will protection from any malware!


web shiled blocking viruses and malware while u browsing sites and if u try to open any site having viruses or malware then it blocks ur network and it stops that site to open.

thank u. i was confused about web sheild and if free comodo CIS is protecting like web sheild then comodo is better than i think i not need avast.

are u using other AV having web sheild?