incremental + simple copy

here they are:

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The latest backup which is in the logs started on 29.February.2012 08:57:46 and it seems it ran fine.
The log show only two items processed as new:

C:\wdisplay\databackup\ and D:\Downloads\SynchronizationService_Feb27_1240.exe
Could it be that the issue is fixed now?


This was probably the other backup which backs up to another drive on the same PC and seems to run OK.
See attached daily log for details of the backup to the NAS.

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I need the \windows\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder\SynchronizationService.exe.log and \windows\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder\SynchronizationService.exe.logold.log with information about \medion\backup\daily_backup_inc_files
Please post these logs after the \medion\backup\daily_backup_inc_files backup has ran.

Previous Synchronization Service log information was overwritten by the backup on the same PC.


Ok here it is:

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Thank you for the debug logs.
We found the cause.
The problem will be fixed in next 4.1 BETA2 release.

Expected release date for that, please?

This week.


Installed 4.1 beta2 and all good now. :slight_smile:
Many thanks

I’m still having this problem with the latest beta (4.1.1). If it helps, I’m backing up to a webdav server mounted as a windows drive.


Maybe the file dates for the webdav server mounted as windows drive are not displayed correctly.
Can you please collect the debug logs and the log of the backup process and post them here for analysis?