Incredimail [RESOLVED]

I would like to know if there is a way to configure Comodo Antispam to work with Incredimail ?

On my PC, it works well with Outlook, but when using incredimail, emails are retrieved by the Email client without being filtered by Comodo AntiSpam…

Any sugestion?

AFAIK no, CAS works with: Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora and Windows Mail.

Only way I can think of to get round this would be if you could find, for incredimail, a version of the add-in used by CAS to communicate with outlook. I think this is called ‘redemption helper’ but I am inferring this - ie don’t know for sure.

Anyone else any ideas?


I haven’t found any addons for CAS to communicate with Incredimail.

Would be nice to see CAS working with Incredimail and other mail client.

for the moment, I will have to stick with Spamihilator, unfortunatly, they don’t have sender approval.

if someone know another produc that has Sender approval, free, that works with Outlook and Incredimail, let me know.

I hope the next version of Comodo AntiSpam will include Incredimail support, you guys are developing great software!!!

Hi Apostle:
CAS could work with Incredimail, but it does not support importing e-mail accounts and settings from Incredimail.
You need add accounts in Incredimail to CAS by manual.
CAS configuration->E-mail accounts->New → Fill accounts you want CAS to monitor. You also need fill SSL port settings in Advanced dialog if your email account use SSL.
If you use SSL connection, change porting settings in e-mail client is requested. You need remove SSL settings in e-mail clients and change port to one number that not be used in accounts being monitored by CAS.
We may consider to support Incredimail in future.

I have now developed a FAQ to tell you how to do this. It is Here.

I have tested Incredimail working with CAS

Hope this helps