Include an Ad-Blocker please

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First of all , this is my first post and I had COMODO firewall version (spanish) installed and I found it and excellent I when I say excellent it’s because I think that’s it’s superior to others firewalls, I like it’s stadistics connections because I can watch the in -out traffic and these feauture I don’t see it in other firewalls and finally because it’s does a well job.

But my request as the title says I would like that the version 3.x.y, etc etc etc… has an
Ad Blocker incorporated into the firewall, the only thing that the firewall lacks…

Thanks in advance

Win XP SP2 very well updated
COMODO (spanish)
Avast 4.7.1074

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It would be nice to have Superadblocker as a choice in the firewall…hint hint (:KWL) Melih are you reading this (:WIN)

No, no, I really think this is a crappy idea (scuse me).
Blocking ads is on the browser’s side, not on the FW’s side.

No overlapping needed. Use a fine browser, and keep Comodo FW lean.

As it is now.

No destruction of mythos, here, please :slight_smile:

I too think this would be a bad idea. Comodo making an adblocker? That would need updates again and I think Comodo has enough to deal with already (CAVS, BOClean, Safelist, etc.)…

I also have to agree with MorphOS REBOL and adchia This is the job for a browser and comodo is very busy with their Anti Virus and Firewall.

Ok, I agree to not to have the ad blocking in the firewall directly in, but Comodo did mention plugins that could have it. But my main point is about having a ad blocker in general, and it would suck to have Comodo make a pop up/ad blocker from scratch, that’s why I’m saying Superadblocker is a good company…again with the hints! (:WIN)


I haven’t seen that anywhere in this forum. The plugins idea started out with members and Pandlouk (a moderator, who is a volunteer member):

Anyway, Comodo is aware of the idea, but never did give an OK to it. These things might be considered in the far future.

Ok, thanks for correcting me.

adblocking is just simply knowing the ips of advertisers and providing this to end users in a tool.

so do anyone know a good and fresh supply of all these IPs/domains for advertisers… cos we can simply feed this to CPF to help against adverts…


I think I’ve heard about this from other users, let’s hope they jump in this discussion.

Anyway if you’re going to build a mere IP black list (which seems to me a much better idea than a full-blown program), don’t forget the spammers, phishers etc. Maybe these were who you were thinking about but, what I mean is that: a) be sure to blacklist spammers’ IPs; and b) don’t put legitimate advertisers in the same basket. You could give the option to block them as well, although that would be controversial and attract the advertisers’ hostility. (And it’s never been responsible from some security programs [not Comodo’s] to criminalize advertising and legit adware and to make people think that cookies are malware and so.)

I’m not techy enough to know whether this would help against spam email, or if on the contrary the remote IP in that case is the mail server’s and not the sender’s… It wold be so swell that spam email could be blocked before entering just by blocking IPs, but I don’t know if that’s possible at all (anyone?).

I do agree with you Japo…


Thnx, even though I respect people who think ads are wicked per se, I just don’t agree, and don’t think any punishment must be forced on advertisers unless they actually do something specifically wrong. I haven’t even configured my browser to block ads myself (only I block flash by default which if unsolicited can be really annoying and hoard bandwidth and even include unsolicited sounds >:( )

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I have read all the replies, and well it may be a good, or bad idea, depending the side you look the issue, but I would be a good idea to add an ad-blocker , maybe as a separated product.
take in mind that the browsers generally the only thing about ads it’s to block pop up ads, I mean a ad blocker that simple do the job to recognize an ad and block it, remember that ads take an amount of quantity of bandwith

Thanks in advance


Well, I read all your posts, so, I would ask a big favor, anyone can recommend me a free ad-blocker??? some product that blocks not only pop ups ad but also ads from the pages in itself???

Thanks in advance

That question is better suited in the General board. There are a few recommendations already in this forum, such as;msg90117#msg90117

+1 for an a blocker.

Leaving it to the browser is not an option for people who use more than one browser. Who wants to fill two blacklists when one will do?

As for the “why punish advertisers” comment: that decision is up to the end user, and nobody else.

No doubt. Adblocking is a must.

I used firewalls only with adblocking feature (Outpost, AllegroSurf). This is not a job of a browser definitely. People have more browsers on one machine and then milion programs that can possibly show ads. You can’t do the job only when you have separate adblocker tool running on all connections or firewall. This way you need to configure just one adblocker and everything is fine. You will avoid even popus and ads in some silly addriven applications. By the way, talking about efficiency of integrated browser adblocking feature would be waste of time. The efficiency is almost zero. By filtering ads you improve user experience and save traffic. Let’s incorporate it to firewall. It’s so easy. We just need a list of strings to do it. One more window. And someone who can create and possibly maintain the list (although it doesn’t need to be updated as malware list).

If have Outpost running for couple of weeks. Today I realised that the ads are shown everywhere, stupid animations, flashes and stuff you know what I mean… I didn’t see this for 10 years. I was like “sjit, the Comodo doesn’t have adblocker!”. I have to find another firewall again:( I had Outpost before.
I definitely don’t want 10 tools running. I want firewall to do this:

  • firewalling (something like Firewall+, but more transparent)
  • defending system (something like Defense+, but less annoying)
  • adblocking
  • antimalware (something like BOClean but incorporated to firewall! and protection against viruses!)
  • tunnelling (mapping conections etc., ok this is too much, but why not, should be easy for firewall)

I have used the free Proxomitron for many years. It’s a little geeky to tweak, but out of the box it does a good job. Extremely easy to install/uninstall, and you can add sites to a whitelist or blacklist, if default rules interfere with some feature of the site you deem useful.

On the main thrust of this thread, I am incliined to either recommend a Proxo settings file for user and informally support Proxo before reinventing the wheel.

To go with the others.

Use Firefox. Use Adblock Plus & The G Set Updater. You will be sweet!