If out of date update AV at PC startup or when network becomes available [M1465]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Comodo only update datanase every 6 hours, 30 minuts ecc depending on the settings.
I see many time in people notebook where i suggest and install Comodo… after some days you don’t use the PC CSI Say need actions or protection are red, not good but for solve this you have to solve manually or wait 6 hours or 1 hours who CSI check for update.

Think before vote no to this. You may be not affected by this problem if your PC is always connected on Internet
If you are using a PC always connected to the Internet or connected for many hours for days you don’t see problem in updates so this issue don’t touch you. If you are using a notebook with Internet key or PC not always on and connected with Internet you will see CSI is very slow to update when you turn on the PC. After 18 minutes with Internet connection you still see yellow or red status; you need to fix manually or wait a lot of time.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
When computer start Comodo check if there is a internet connection. As soon a connection is present comodo start to download the update.
So add more check for update, when pc starts, when there are connection avaiable. Make comodo try to fix automatically when status is need atecntion or problem. The state continue to be unchanged until comodo take some minutes and have successful update.

Now the update check some times are slow. Moderators says CSI alredy check for database update some minutes after computer turned on, i see in my notebook i can stay connected for 30 minutes and CSI is not updated. After one hours for sure is updated but is a lot of time!

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Give to the CSI more priority in updates maybe afdter 5 minutes after computer turned on so status can be more time secure and people (less expert) didn’t worry about. And CSI always check if there is avaiable network and datanase need to be updated, update it!

4. Any other information:
Think before vote no to this. You may be not affected by this problem if your PC is always connected on Internet
If you are using a PC always connected to the Internet or connected for many hours for days you don’t see problem in updates so this issue don’t touch you. If you are using a notebook with Internet key or PC not always on and connected with Internet you will see CSI is very slow to update when you turn on the PC. After 18 minutes with Internet connection you still see yellow or red status; you need to fix manually or wait a lot of time.

Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. Is your wish essentially for an option to be added to the CIS AV settings for the database to be downloaded as soon as an internet connection is available, and the PC is idle? If so I believe this should be unchecked by default. Would you agree?

Also, would you mind if I made some edits to your first post? I will not do this without your permission.


thanks for your reply and atenction to this.
Sorry i understand your think but I don’t agree for now. I will help you to understand better my think.

A better idea:

I think is good CSI work on iCloud for do that they need Internet. I think also update of the database is very important. If user have an antivirus i think they have to use internet and need to be protected. As now comodo update automatically but with slow frequency i think is good to think to implement this, make CSI more intelligent so, if user connected to the internet maybe you can think to make a small warning on the righ (like when a file is been sendboxed) who have count down from 10 to 1 who alert as internet conncetion has been dectected and database need to be updated CSI will update automatically in 10 seconds - if user are connected with Internet key or want to stop this they can do. Maybe you can add a check box in the settings for disable this warning on automatically update as soon internet are detected and datanase need update.

Your idea is great but inexpert user will not know of this option to make CSI work better because is not CSI work better if they are more intelligent and quicly in the update?

So this is my idea.

This implementation will reduce the “need atenction or not protected” warning and make user more sure.
For not cause issue to the user is a great idea set by default a small window (like sandox alert window) who alert the user in 10 seconds will update database) because CSI check if there is avaiable nwtwork and need to be updated. Maybe if database are not of the same day is good to check if there are new update.

User can be able also to set up this when install comodo if you want. You can ask to the user but i think is good in this way to be checked by default and let user choose when install comodo. Not make the setup more hard but frequency and how CSI work for update is important question to ask the user. For the better security this should be as default.

What do you think?

The reason I believe it’s not a security risk for users to possibly not have the AV update for a while, is because by default new files are checked against the cloud, assuming there is an adequate internet connection. Thus, even if the local Av update has not been downloaded to the computer, running processes are still always checked against the most up-to-date signatures in the cloud. It’s for that reason I was thinking it may be best to leave it unchecked by default.

Having it update near the start of the computer may slow down the booting of other programs afterwards, and the user may interpret this as CIS slowing down their system. What are your thoughts about this?


Maybe CSI can start to check update after 15 minutes after CSI start.

I have suggested Comodo to different inexpert user who didn’t are always connected to the internet. They see all time they turn on the PC “need attenction, not protected” i think is great if the CSI wait 15 minutes after computer start and if network are avaiabel alert the user of automatically update.

I think the option can be set as NOT default settings but i belive is not a god idea because now CSI work well if computer are all time connected to the Internet so i didn’t see my PC in red or yellow status but how about when i’m using notwbook where i not connect to the internet with frequency?

I have to manually lost time for update the antivirus. If i know CSI will update 15 minutes after PC start for not make PC slow or as soon network are finded it’s all automatically.

I don’t know for me is the same default or not, it’s only an idea. Maybe other person here can tell what they think is better.

Thank you!

I think I now understand. Do you mind if I make some edits to the first post?

Also, users should not be getting any error messages from the AV unless the database has not been updated for a number of days. Thus, this wish should not affect in any way these error messages you are referring to.


I don’t agree with your think, Sorry. I think is good as CSI work now, if the database is old CSI need to alert in the status they are not good. What is not nice acctualy is CSI check for update only if computer are connected for different hours to the internet.
I have installed CSI on work notebook, people who connect to the internet by their PC from Internet key and stay connected for 15, 20 minutes. What is not good is CSI not use this time and the connection for make your database update… so user discconect from Internet and stay with the old database and thiss all time if they don’t update manualy or not stay more on Internet.

Remove the yellow or the red status is maybe not a good idea, not the solution. Solution can be make CSI more intelligent so update when a connection is finded and database are not up to date.
As you told maybe user don’t want this but has this sense? Why they have an antivirus? Maybe user in this time have small internet traffic and want wait for update, in this case can be a good idea make a small alert as sandbox who count down from 1 to 10 and let the user stop the process. Also in this alert can be an option to hide alert and update all time without alert.

CIS already will update the AV database within minutes after reaching the desktop.

The 6 hour limit is for subsequent updates. That limit is set as a reasonable limit for stateful inspection to be effective. During those 6 hours you still have the protection of the cloud look up and sandbox.

Voted “yes”, but changed my mind. Can someone change my vote, please?

I was not aware of that. In that case it appears that this wish has already been fulfilled. peopleinside, would you agree that it has already been fulfilled?


Umh sorry my english is not native, what you mean for fulfilled?:

  • alredy implemeted or requested or redy for be moved in other forum category? Please help me to understand better your message. Sorry, thanks.
Ded Omraz i can't help you with that but will nice if you can share more here of your think and decision and what do you think :D.

I think EricJH has a good point. That’s it.

Thank you!
You can understand better what I’M discussing here if you have a notebook and not are always connected in Internet.
You will see is not really true Comodo Update “faster” after PC are started. You will see you can navigate for 15 minutes and database not update. Some of user i know use notebook for work and they maybe connected to the internet with Internet key for a little time.
For this user COmodo i always to update mannualy because all time is not update.
This is why I’m thinking to ask more intelligence in update of Comodo when a network is finded.

Thanks for your message.
In my PC desktop more time connected to the Internet no issue because is all time connected so no problem if Comodo check only some times for update.

Sorry, what I mean is that this Wish has already been fulfilled. Apparently CIS already updates a few minutes after the computer boots.

Ok so i don’t know… what other say. I have see on notebook who not connect for much times status are always on yellow or red and not update quicly.

I now understand peopleinside’s wish. Our reasoning comes from the situation where we basically have 24 hrs broadband access.

Peopleinside’s wish is coming from the situation where a laptop user only connects to the web on a limited number of occasions. In our situation starting a laptop is synonymous with becoming on line. In peopleinside’s situation on line access is incidental. People may be online for a while and missed the initial update upon start up. Hence his wish for CIS to updates as soon as the people get online.

I would describe the wish as when CIS missed the first update upon start up it will keep an eye on the network connection to become active and when that happens update immediately.

EricJH, thank you for pointing this out.

peopleinside, in that case this is a valid wish, and has not yet been implemented. Would you mind if I modified your first post for you so that it fits this particular wish?


As a suggestion a option to check if there is a internet connection before trying to update with the option to set how often the check is carried out, which would also give the added bonus of not running the process that will fail anyway as there is no internet connection.



Is this possible through the Task Scheduler in Windows? Because I think that’s what Comodo currently uses for scheduling updates, if it’s not possible they would have to create their own schedule system, no?