Ideas for CIS 6


Lets keep to the topic, shall we Luc[y]? Sorry to say this be don’t come here (I think of this topic) to complain. there are other topic for that. Thanks


i complain nothing, hips become useless every day
Hids from avg and panda will beat comodo hips in 1,5year, just wait and see :a0

Of course,

you use Mamutu… 88)

Never gonna happen…

Avg already beat comodo with his hids
Identity protection > defense+ :-TU
only rogue cannot be flagged by intendity protection , comodo defense+/sandbox can’t even detect it so.
and remember COMODO Sandbox , make confusion for malwarebytes when scanning.

Video of your claim WITH TIMESTAMP or ■■■■…
/b/tards will understand what I mean… ;D

In case you don’t get it,
make a video of your claim with date and time [with CET setting] showing what you say so we can analyze.
No video, no credibility. :-TD

who care about video , we already know languy99, acacapela and other testers that give good result in comodo are using comodo himself .

Here a comment from youtubers :

You block any pop-ups that appears, that fine for a noob copy-pasting-running 0-day examples, but that’s not the way people getting malware on their system. Are you gonna click “Block” on any popup you get when you gonna install that great cracked program you always wanted to install ? Then good luck to you. I think your popups will be blue

PS : Good antivirus and you do not need sandbox.

Malwarebytes pro / PANDA users never get infected, if they are is because the user was already infected.
Malware removal in comodo : Comodo Forum
And we know 60% of them get infected with comodo active.

Do you really need to ruin this thread? 88)


and i dont ruin this thread, i give a good idea, replace hips/sandbox by BB/HIDS
im saying because : the sandbox is for limit user intervention and BB/HIDS will fix this isssues.
and why not combine BB/HIDS/Sandbox and creates hips in a another product.


Comodo Internet Security 4.0.141842.828FREE 100 % 10+ Excellent – 100 %
Panda Internet Security 2010 15.01.00 2 % 1 None Not recommended

EDIT: make a separate topic, let’s leave this one, shall we…

yes and ?
you get one alrts like com : 0000002414-0-2352544-0015454
You dont know what it is and noone know here in this forum.
and comodo have paid matousec hard for being the first.
like bitdefender 2 % to 86%.

And what? stats are there…

sure, whatever you say…

Please, enlighten me…

Please provide proof in form of scanned document, video, audio or satellite imagery…
If you could not produce the same in less than 6 minutes from now, your credibility goes down the drain.
I am waiting…

i already reported a sample to languy when comodo was totaly bypassed.
have nothing to proof in this forum and about the paid to matousec , you dont need to be hateboy for knowing it.

Bypasses happen mostly because of Trusted Vendor list…
This is ideas for cis 6 topic [actually not anymore so I will leave this as well] and you want to scrap a hard work by devs which proved itself lots of times just because you don’t like it?
Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, you don’t even use comodo! :smiley:
Oh, man, you sure know how to amuse people… :-TU
Since you

are unwilling to back up what you claim, my conversation with you is now over.
Credibility lost, -10000 respect points [that’s a big negative] :-TD

Bypasses happen mostly because of Trusted Vendor list…
nope, and the files wasnt trusted.
install CIS for 1 month, uninstall view the rapidity of your computer increase.
Using comodo when you dont know
what is api, string, encryption(packers), how a backdoor work etc is useless.

Please keep comments on topic.

Any discussion about specific exploits and/or comparisons with other vendors should be held in the relevant sections.

Thank you.

I think support for Native IPV6 should be the next step for comodo.

2 things I would peronally very much love to see:

  1. The ability to go from a log entry in the log viewer to the firewall/network rule that created that entry (please, please, pretty please!).

  2. The ability to integrate other Comodo products into the CIS GUI. NOT to install them as part of CIS, dear lord no, but if you have CIS installed and then you manually download and install say Comodo Backup, or Program Manager or CSC, it will add a ‘tab’ to the CIS GUI, like there is already an Antivirus ‘tab’, a Firewall ‘tab’, a Defense+ ‘tab’ etc, so all Comodo products are accessed from a single consistent point.


I’m not really one to play backseat mod, but what exactly is the difference between the wish list forum and this thread, other than the fact that this thread indiscriminately crams the entire thing together?

Though… it’s certainly interesting to see activity explode once you guys get to voice your opinion without having to face the massive burden of creating your own threads. >:-D

IPv6 will support CIS 5.1. so I have heard :slight_smile:

!ot! (sorry)

IPv6 is something that is quite new.

Block ports by default.