Ideas for CIS 6

A way to have different CIS settings for each user account on a PC. Say you have a limited user account you want someone to use but CIS might confuse them so you have it hide all alerts and have it auto quarantine and hide the sandbox pop up so they can browse the web and not get the PC infected or accidentally let something get through because they hit allow at one of the pop ups that CIS pops up for if they accidentally go somewhere malicious and don’t know what to do. I would like to have a feature to have these settings for the limited user account but have my admin account have the settings that I would like it to have. That way it can be configured for each user to how their computer knowledge is.

There should be a way to reset CIS – or at least modules with in it – back to the way they came from Comodo… as if nothing had been set yet, or trained yet.

In another thread I suggested that there be a single button to do it globally… to make CIS so that it’s exactly the way it shipped from Comodo… as if it were newly-installed and hadn’t been “taught” anything yet. And, indeed, I think such a button (with a bit warning popping-up if it’s pushed to make sure the user really knows what s/he’s about to do)…

…however, I think there should also be ways to return things to factory settings, and also to undo any “training” (and I see those as separate things) within each module… or at least within the firewall, and Defense+; and such settings should be within said modules.

Sometimes we give permission for things that we wish we hadn’t; or sometimes someone else using the machine misunderstood how to answer something, and we need to just start over again from the beginning…

…but without having to reinstall CIS (which is the obvious first thing one considers).

Hope that helps.

  • HarpGuy

I share the same opinion


Lamer spamer? LOL Only kidding.

He’s posted multiple times on the same topic. Several have been responded to. Just let it die on the vine.

Are the developers taking interest in this thread or is it too early to discuss ideas for v6?

Waaaaay too early

;D thought so :slight_smile: at least we can have general idea what people want! :-TU

may be to optimize and simplify the conjunction between the whitelist and access control(include block list,program control etc.) is a good idea. :-La

I know it is but I think it’s better to begin a topic like this to early than to late; Sometime we, users, can bring ideas that developers haven’t thought of.

I am sure that some of our ideas will got through and will be added to CIS 6.

I will later make a long list of all possible ideas and present it; developers will have CIS v.6 somewhere at the end of 2011 (November or December) finished. And alpha and beta will be presented before that.

And it would be nice if a mod could stick this. Thanks

Take care everyone!:slight_smile:

Valentin N

Valentin, are you with Comodo? How do you know nov/dec 2011 for v6?

I am a normal user and I was just assuming. As you can see all AV vendors release their IS before the incoming year and they make also release a new edition every year.

Valentin N

I believe it would be 5.3, 5.6, 5.9 etc… :wink:



A new design like the one that can be expected :

My personal opinion: I don’t like “360” GUI design, it’s just not my thing…

I don’t think you can be to early for new ideas. Well done Valentin.
How about some form of System impact monitor to show how much impact different settings have to the system. Kind regards.

Ha! I laughed out loud when i saw that. Anyway, while it may be too early I’m here anyway so I would like “outbreak notice” to be put into CIS.

THIS!!! :-TU :-TU :-TU

May ask what you mean? I am curious to know :slight_smile:

And people… let the ideas come out from your head and into your fingers :wink: ;D

Valentin N