ics and xbox live ( beta)

Ive noticed a lot of people having trouble setting up a network connection through comodo v3 and in 2.4.Ive been trying to set up my xbox 360 through ics on my windows xp, I do not have a router i connect wired to a lan card on back of pc.Really like comodo v3 beta but searched and followed instructions from comodo forums but im dammed if i can get my xbox 360 to connect through my pc.
Soon as i go back to sygate 5.6 it easily lets my xbox on to the internet.My question is, is there a way to add the easy ics set up feature that sygate 5.6 has to comodo v3 beta
Thanks Thinking Thinking Thinking

Why not try changing both the Firewall & Defense + Security Level to “Learn All.” Then (with no other applications running) fire up ICS and then the XBox. See what that does for you…


What i did on was let comodo scan my whole computer for trusted programs etc should that have been good enough or the same as your suggesting
Thank you

I don’t think it is, although it would seem like it should be…

I did the same thing, but still got alerts for applications that were previously scanned that way. The point of creating the safelist profile is to minimize alerts by declaring the stuff on your system safe. Perhaps it is, but in a different way than we’re expecting. At any rate, I think setting the Security Level for both Firewall & Defense + to Learn All may create any necessary rules for those applications.

It is still possible that you will need to create a Zone to define as your trusted network, in order to do ICS & XBox, as this would fall under the Firewall Security Policy, Global Rules (rather than Application Rules). But with any luck at all, the automatic configurability of v3 will exceed my expectations and do the job for you…

Keeping fingers crossed,