I switched to IE.. Now I can't spell

I kno ma spelin is usuall wery gowd. But now I hav IE installd insted off firfoxer and I have no spell cheking aktivatd. I guess yo ppl will lern to read whaat I type soonr or latr.

so why did I swicht? I beliv IE is the best browsr around tesse days. both in termz of security and also its speed is good, very gowwh. Watch tihs video if yo not convinded:

IE9… O0 :-TU

Ok stupid thread… And my spelling isn’t that bad, but I must say its far from perfect. Thats why I love Firefox, due to the spell checker. It has saved me many times from posting uggly words such as “wyh?”.

Can anyone recomend a good spellchecker to IE? I’m currently using IE8 (not 9), but I will switch to IE9 as soon as the next beta goes public, from the looks of it it looks freaking awesome. And unlike chrome it dosn’t spy on its users. IE has seriously stepped up their efforts and is offering a safe browser, especially for those using windows vista/7.

I use this one seems to be ok.

Hi commanding the celsius,

Using you stile I may say:

Yuor spelCheckinHer is relee baad ani whey!
If u ar movin fro Fair Fox to IE - yau wil b infakted bery priity sooonar zen lataer -

  • zat voz every bud desk-seasoning ! ;D

U can read this:
or this http://www.ieaddons.com/en/details/Time_Savers/ieSpell/

there are some others if you saerch :slight_smile:

but I would be danged if I ever use this piece of C…softy-wear :slight_smile:


LOL that is if you want to install google toolbar no thanks.

hehe … :wink: Nahh! I don’t want to , but I’m not using; never used IE at all as well, and never will.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m just gonna do some checks then Ill try this.

Hehe reading that actually makes me feel better about myself and my spelling. ;D

Ill check those links out as well! :-TU

TinySpell = thumbs up

I’ve always used IE since V4 in W98 and have never had any problems. I also have never noticed that it didn’t have spell checking. I’m only concerned with spelling in documents and emails and if you have Office, the spell checker is there. You can also easily get the spell checker for free and add it.

I agree that IE9 looks fantastic. I have also seen a number of people say that when it is released, it will be the browser they recommend to their clients and customers for-- get this–security reasons. My only beef is that it will not be available for XP.

I've always used IE since V4 in W98 and have never had any problems

The security features of IE 8 can be discussed, while everyone knows that those of OE are a disaster.

But there, you are plainly kidding: making the statement that you didn’t have any problem using IE 4 in win 98 is like saying that homeopathic flu “vaccination” is efficient because you never got flu.

I have a third-party problem with spelling: as some of you know, i am a french native, and as most of you don’t know, i am using Firefox.
Since the last total crash last week (i don’t know the origin, but probably cis related), i re-installed everything, including Firefox with its spellers, what i never did before:
as a result (i told you i am a french native), every single word of what i am presently writing is underlined.

And as a consequence, i did not check anything. I still hope that, despite this, i was understood not more or less then last month; writing in other words, i don’t know if an english speller would help me to write in a less lousy english.

And, changing this evening my mind and not being as mean as usual, i won’t give you the name of an actual or former french very experimented and respected user of the french section of this forum pretending to translate Comodo in our language without being himself able to write two words of the said language, his native one, without a fault.

We all make faults, including in our mother tongue, but i don’t know of any speller that will change a donkey in the winner of the Kentucky Derby or the “Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe”.

All I meant was that I have used every version of IE since v4 and have never had any problems. Yeah it’s been hacked numerous times but what hasn’t? Just see the latest patches for FF and Chrome. FF has had more vulnerabilities exposed in the last year than any other browser. Also, I have always used Outlook Express for my email since the 98 days with no problems. It’s the simplest and best email client that was ever made imo. Yes, it had vulnerabilities but they were all patched long ago. The chances of getting hit with new malware before the AV vendors add detections for it are extremely small and I for one have never been infected in over 11 years.

Now back to the topic of a spell checker for IE. I downloaded ie-spell and it’s great. It installs and integrates flawlessly and there is no toolbar, Google or otherwise, in the installer.

I would be nowhere without my spell checker.

Hi jerenator69,
What do you mean by that statement? ???

Drop IE in the 1ts place - that is insecure ■■■■
Then you will able to use decent free spellcheckers


I just don’t like IE 8 because of how long it takes to open a new tab. >.>

What do you mean? I would be nowhere without spell checker. It seems that you are an IE fanboy because you are calling me insecure for not liking it. IE is slow and open to threats. I would much rather use a built in spell checker from my favorite browser, Chrome! ;D :-TU

No he is certainly no IE fanboy. On the contrary, he is a confirmed hater of all things Microsoft. IE8 is no less secure than any other browser as has been confirmed recently. It has also been shown to have no significant speed issues either. For me, it’s just as fast as FF or Chrome in the way that I use a browser and actually faster in some instances. The choice of a browser is strictly personal preference and for me, that means IE8.

Not true at all about “…all things Microsoft…”
absolutely incorrect wordings regarding “hater” Are you serious?!

My regards

IE8 is vulnerable to the popular You are an idiot virus and anything like it. Yes, Firefox and Chrome are proven to be faster than IE, don’t state false statements and stamp true on them. I just clocked IE8 vs. Chrome on my Windows 7 laptop, IE8 took 6 seconds to open and Chrome took 1 1/2 seconds to open. Both with home page as Google.

I made no false statements whatsoever. The latest tests I read said that there is no discernable speed difference in any of the browsers and IE8 actually won 5 out of 8 speed tests. Overall Chrome had a very slight lead but nothing that a user would even notice.


"Page-Loading Tests

Though Chrome was the fastest of the group in our page-loading tests, the speed differences among the browsers were negligible.

Internet Explorer 8 put up a respectable showing overall and was the fastest browser in five of our tests"

People may not agree with all the conclusions made. I don’t since I think Chrome’s UI is the worst of all. It’s certainly the ugliest. All of the browsers get high marks and you are left with the conclusion that personal preference is the deciding factor.

In my trials and testing, I get the same results. My most complex web page loads in basically the same amount of time with any browser I try it with and the fastest one to start up from a cold start with nothing cached has always been IE in either the 7 or 8 flavors. Testing with Google as the home page is ridiculous. there’s nothing there to load and my IE8 loads it almost immediately. Try a page like worldofwarcraft.com as a test. All browsers I have tried do virtually the same with that page.