I pass this IQ test

finally i’ve found the most appropriate & proffessional IQ test ;D


:frowning: this forum already have a spammer :slight_smile:
here’s another game:


edit : i have more


and see if you can find a “head” (human head) in this picture

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i pass the 1st test (i’m no idiot :BNC )
failed on maze 2 3 >:( (excuse :well, i use my laptop touchpad, maybe i’ll try it next time using normal mouse)
can’t find the “N” >:( (excuse: i need to change my glasses (:NRD) )
i can find the head (it’s face, not “head” >:( )

Hey Ganda :slight_smile:

So most blond girls are smarter than you ;D

( Psst … if your sisters are pretty, but not very smart either, I will give you a fair price for them :wink: )

Greetz, Red.

Ganda won’t understand what you just said :smiley:

;D you’ve insulted every blond girls in this forum. (don’t worry girls, you have me :smiley: )

yeah, they’re pretty…pretty dumb ;D , i’m the smartest 8) O0
(sigh…now i have to go to members confession thread to confess that i just lied 88) )

so, how do you guys score ???

Hey >:( I score a lot. I am da best playa…in basketball (:LGH)

:slight_smile: he’s trying to distract us from asking his score 88)

@ red, my sisters are married, but you stil got me :-* :-* :-* :-* (:SHY) ;D
(where should i hide now)

that doesn’t count, i deleted my post, he can’t prove anything. ;D
just in case…meet my gang O0

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I can prove this :

So give up your sisters for free >:( It doesn’t matter that they are married, I will put them in my Harem anyhow 88)

Greetz, Red.

Red - U wanna have an auction to buy Ganda’s sisters ? (:TNG) Ganda - tell us the starting price (:WIN)

No, I want them for free ;D Or else I report to Melih that Ganda wanted to seduce me 88) And I am not g … >:(

Greetz, Red.

Gum ? God ? (:LGH)

2nd letter is an “a” 88)

Greetz, Red.

I have no idea :THNK

MaYbe You can guess the last letter 88)

Greetz, Red.

Whitch alphabet ? ???


are you sure you want my sisters :o two of them? i can’t give them for free,
why don’t you take me too :-* :-* (:SHY)
good offer huh ;D ,buy 2 get 1 free

The mazes are a lot easier if you just hold down your left mouse button and move directly to the red “end” box before releasing the button ;D