I miss Vettetech

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I just want to say I realy miss Vette :-\ Not that he was my best friend, but he helped a lot of people here, AND he was a kind of Rebel too : He spoke from his Hart, even if it was against Forum Rules :slight_smile: I feel that I have lost an Allie, a Mate, and maybe even a Friend :cry:

Greetz, Red.

I miss him too. This place is becoming too ----ing politically correct without him. And not as interesting to read.

Ummmm…Who was Vette (normal user, mod, admin, techie type person, etc) and when/why did he leave?

A legend in his own time. :wink: Do a search on “best of vettetech”.

Hi guys, got to admit Vette has character, which added spice to this forum whether he was correct or not, he spoke his word and that’s what the whole purpose of this forum is about after all, he’ll be back I’m sure after his stint in the police academy, we wish him well, success and a career in the field he has chosen as well as an anticipated return amongst us all… :-TU
Cheers Vette :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

I am equally sure that Vette misses those who miss him, wo the misser missing the missers. :smiley: I tried to put that as Vette-like as I could. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vette was a ■■■■ and I’m glad he’s gone. >:(

We’re all better off without…without…without his irresistible charm, his unparalleled technical acumen, his “in your face” interface, his super-computer that never, ever malfunctioned, his endless typo’s and misspellings… (:LOV)

He was like a big brother to me… :cry:

I’m sure he’ll make a terrible, terrible policeman…go get’em Vette!!! (:CLP)

I just thought of something. When Vette makes it to police office status, we should have a a graphic in our sigs with a policeman in some ridiculus outfit and the words, “I was arrested by Vette”. :smiley:

Well hey, It could be worse. Ganda could be a cop.

As for Vette… He’ll be back :slight_smile:


Awwww thanks guys. Miss all you to but there are no spots at the academy till Feb 09 so I have to wait. Still woking for GM in the mean time. I am also using NIS 2009 had have been since I left. Its an awesome suite and with Threatfire along side it keeps me well protetced. Honest I had enough of pop ups with Comodo and that install mode thing. NIS 2009 just sits there and never bothers me. i have tested it against tons of tojans,leak tests,keyloggers and code injections. It passes them all. I looked in the forums. Gezz doesn’t any help around here anymore. LOL. I even know you lost 3 to NIS 2009 also. I guess I need to log in more often and straightened you guys out. Take care.


PS to Comofo

I hate you 2


Norton? NORTON?!?!?
Okay, talk to me Vetty; who got to you? Are you able to talk about it?

Anywhooo, on the serious tip - you should come around and shake things up a bit (although I’m rarely here either [stupid job] so it wouldn’t really be much fun for ya :P)…I’d do it myself, but I’m a blithering dummy…and my advice is often wrong.

Norton? I’ve had bad experience with it…

And Threatfire too. It slowed down my computer sooooooo much. Do you know how long it took to quarantine a small little test virus/malware/whatever-you-want-to-call-it? 30 Minutes!!!. (At least for me.)

You need to get with the times jeremy and read the reviews. Hell you didn’t even know what SAS was and thought it was a rougue program. Norton was always slow and thats why people hated it. Symantec listened to people and redid everything from the ground up. NIS 2009 is the lightest security suite out there. Just read the reviews over at PCMAG and About. Threatfire is even lighter. It only uses 6,000K with both its processes. My pc never ran faster with any other security set up like it does with NIS 2009. Hell even 3 is using it and loves it.

I guess I have read some reviews about how it is faster now. I just don’t feel like going back to it (and Comodo spoiled me with it’s free products, so I usually only free things).

[at] vette,


I love it when you talk dirty. :wink:

Yes Norton Panic. NIS 2009 is the best security suite on the market today and for $70 with 3 licensee its a great deal. Just read the reviews. Better yet try it for free.

I’m running it on a trial system and have had it up for about 2 months now. It is a very nice suite and they have certainly progressed since the daiper filling substance that was the previous versions of NIS.

Ewen :slight_smile:

But nothing. I simply installed it to have a bo-peep. I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised. Quick, light and reasonably accurate.

My confidence and trust still lie with Comodo, primarily because of the big picture - the trusted internet. I have a firm belief in the work Melih has undertaken and have great confidence in the team Comodo have assembled.

It’s taken NIS X amount of time to get to where it is now. Comodo are, IMHO, still ahead by a comfortable margin with the promise of further advances and integration and co-operation with future modules.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, norton always gives me that ‘safe feeling’ and it’s just that what I’m quite scared about. I still remember the times that my computer got infected with those malware in my earlier times…
Now I’m testing this tool again and I’m really happy they did something about the recources and really like the pulse updates. I’ll keep it for some time on my laptop (thx to the trial fooler).