I have problems with Comodo which ends up taking up all my CPU

I have been using Comodo for many years, always with great satisfaction, but for a few days after reinstalling Windows 11, I have problems with Comodo which ends up taking up all my CPU. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling Comodo several times, but without solving the problem. What do you advise me to do.
Greetings Peppe

Hi PeppeComodo,

Have you installed the latest stable version as some users have said it does cause problems on their PC, but some others don’t have any problems. I had it running OK for a while then suddenly started causing slow downs - it is not stated as Windows 11 compatible.

Or are you using the latest beta version and seen this problem on there ?

Hi Dolphin66,

I’m using Comodo version

Unfortuantely that is not listed as compatible with Windows 11, it was just a minor update from 8012.

You can use the better Cleanup Tool from This post

You can then download the latest beta from Here

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Thank you for your interest, I will try to uninstall version and install the beta version. I’ll let you know the developments

Good evening, did you have a positive result in what you were trying to do?
Did the developers resolve your issue?

Hi, I tried to install the beta version of Comodo, for a few days everything seemed to be resolved until I downloaded the new Windows 11 update. After this update Comodo started giving me problems again

Hi PeppeComodo,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please tell us exactly what happened with running CIS beta on win 11 ?


It sounds like you’re dealing with some software compatibility issues. While I can’t install or update software for you, I can suggest a few things that might help. Firstly, if you’re experiencing slowdowns after updating to version, you might want to consider rolling back to a previous version that was working fine for you. Additionally, checking the software’s official documentation or forums for any reported issues or compatibility concerns with your operating system (like Windows 11) could provide some insight. As for the beta version, keep in mind that beta releases often come with bugs or issues that are still being ironed out, so proceed with caution if you decide to try it out. If you need further assistance or advice, just let me know!