I finally gave up!

After many months of dealing with system slowdowns, excessive resource consumption, and system instability, I uninstalled Comodo CIS and replaced it with Agnitum Outpost. It’s amazing how much better my PC runs now. I’d suspected Comodo was the source of most of the problems I was experiencing, and the complete absence of all these problems after switching to Outpost (the only thing I changed) proves it. I don’t know if my level of protection is better, the same, or worse, but Outpost gets very good reviews in this regard, and the fact that it runs without causing problems, bogging down the computer, or conflicting with other programs seals the deal for me.

There are some aspects of Comodo CIS that are superior to Outpost, so I would have preferred to be able to stick with it. But after seeing reports of problems similar or identical to the ones I was having going back not only months, but years, and not seeing any progress being made in resolving them (just excuses, mostly blaming other software), I’d had it. If Comodo ever gets its act together in terms of eliminating these issues and making it able to run well even in the presence of other companies’ software, I’d love to give it another try. Unless or until that happens, Comodo CIS will not be on any of my computers, since its side effects are almost as bad as the malware it’s supposed to protect me against.

Sorry to see you go.

Can you please point me to the problems that you were having?


That sucks, sorry that your one of the few people that it just doesn’t want to work for you. Hopefully outpost will work for your computer and hopefully you’ll find something that you’ll like

Keep it easy :-TU

Hi Mbazil. I am sorry to hear that CIS has giving you more than enough headaches, sorry the problems it gave you was persistent enough for you to leave. One thing I would like to say is as far as Comodo or Members blaming other software for incompatabilities, I see this reversed quite regular here and other locations. It does take two to make an incompatability, and when this happens maybe the Companies involved with both products should get together to work out the issues. Kind regards.

Reinstallation often solves the problem(s).

that’s very true siketa. :-TU

To but stay practical:

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

The op obviously doesn’t care due to his lack of response. If he really wanted it to work, he would try some of the suggestions.

By looking at the original posters background, he throws out one post here and there saying something is not working and never comes back to the topic. This to me feels like someone who is here just to spam the forum saying something is not working or how bad comodo is but never lets anyone help them. I get the feeling this user is here just to spread FUD.

These things happen. Firstly, such that someone is on the Comodo forum there to just linger and spam. But secondly also such that CIS it does not always correspond to each person. In any event, this guy immediately received help and support that he would not receive elsewhere. But there is no response from this man, so this thread is to close. The most important that the community of Comodo is always ready to help. This is awesome. :-TU

This is just stunning. From the OP’s viewpoint (and from mine as well), Comodo hasn’t paid any attention to the bugs we have reported (cloning and guard32 problems). Yet you think it’s fair to blame us for a lack of response.

No matter how much help a user gets, the product is still pretty buggy, looking at the huge bug reports list. That’s not FUD.

Issues maybe bug reports no.


I’m not blaming anyone. I’m calling it like it is. The op hasn’t made any attempts to resolve his issue with the suggestions that were provided him. The only thing he’s done is come on here and say “Thats it! I give up”, without even trying to solve his problem.
As far as comodo not trying to resolve problems, I’m sure that with some of the updates and new versions, some of the bugs are resolved. I’m not familiar with any cloning or guard32 issues. You can’t resolve all the problems that every user has.

If you could read, you’d realize I reported the problems, but the only suggestions I ever got were to uninstall other security apps that I had running on my systems. Well guess what? I’m not willing to do that to make Comodo work properly when it’s not necessary for other security suites. BTW, the other security apps I had running were Microsoft Security Essentials and Secunia PSI. I had CIS’s antivirus turned off, so there should be no conflict between the remaining CIS components and MSSE. If there is, it’s just an indication that CIS needs work to be able to coexist with other apps. Spend a little time with Google, and you’ll find comments all over the web about how CIS is a resource hog and conflicts with many other apps.

Specifically, the most significant problem I had was with cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe using excessive amounts of CPU cycles for no apparent reason. The only suggestions for resolving this I ever got were to exclude the CIS processes in MSSE, which I did (it helped for a while, but the problem returned), and to uninstall MSSE. Since MSSE works fine, and it caught some malware that CIS didn’t (when I still had the CIS antivirus turned on), and since excluding the CIS processes in MSSE helped, but didn’t eliminate the problem even with the CIS antivirus turned off, I wasn’t willing to uninstall an app that was working well to try to get CIS to work right. On top of that, CIS antivirus apparently cannot clean an infected file, since the only actions it ever offers when it finds an infection are to quarantine the file or to delete it. MSSE successfully removes malware from most infected files leaving the file intact and usable. Even PC Magazine’s Neal Rubenking said, “Comodo Internet Security’s antivirus scanner recognizes most threats, but fails to remove them properly.”

Try searching the Comodo forums for “cfp cpu” and “cmdagent cpu”. There are close to 100 posts dating from 2006 through Feb. 2011 complaining of high cpu usage for these two processes. Even if these could all be resolved by removing some other company’s software, it’s a very strong indication that CIS has a problem, and since other security suites are able to run well in the exact same environment, Comodo should take a good, hard look at both the software and their user support policies. When there are a significant number of users reporting the same problem over a period of at least five years, there’s something that isn’t right, and trying to blame other software for the problem just doesn’t cut it.

moan all you want, but it’s very clear to me, and apparently lots of other folks that have tried using CIS, it takes a very specific software environment for CIS to run well, and most computers don’t match up with those requirements. If it works well for you, that’s great. If you’re willing to turn your computer inside out to get it to work right, that’s fine too. Most users aren’t willing to do that. I’m not willing to do that. Instead of uninstalling other software to try to get CIS to run without hogging resources on my computer, it made a lot more sense to me to get rid of the software causing the problems, CIS, and replace it with another security suite that runs well and doesn’t hog resources in the exact same environment. I can even run Outpost with its antivirus enabled and MSSE at the same time with no resource problems. I’m still looking around for another suite that’s more to my liking and is low on resource usage, like Outpost. If Comodo decides to fix the CIS resource usage levels and improve its ability to clean malware from files while leaving the file intact, I’d be happy to give it another try.

Feel free to continue dissing me in this thread, as I won’t be looking at it again, since all you’re willing to do is criticize users who aren’t willing to mess up their computer configuration to compensate for CIS bugs and incompatibilities. Your hostile reactions to my post make me realize that this “community of users” isn’t as benevolent as it makes itself out to be.

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Just as a warning, it’s a bad idea to have two real-time scanners active at the same time. I don’t just say this because of resource usage.
They can interfere with each other and actually lower your overall protection.

By the way, I really hope that this comment:

wasn’t directed at me. I’m just trying to help.

Also, just for the record, your bug report was just waiting for you to confirm that MSE was part of the problem. If you had done that then the devs would have begun to figure out what the bug was that was causing Comodo Firewall to conflict with MSE, and solve it. If you don’t give them all the information then they can’t narrow down the problem.

If you actually follow the problems with cfp, or cmdagent, hogging cpu you’ll find that they occur for many different reasons. That is why they needed the specific information in your bug report.

I hope that clears things up.

Hi Mbrazil. I know you said you won’t be looking here again, but just in case you do. Please don’t tar us all with the same brush. I did notice some responses that were nice and apologetic in this thread, also some trying to help. I think it was a bit unfair in making it sound as if we were all hostile in our responses. I am personally sorry to see anyone leave no matter what the reason. I am very sorry to see problems persisting for you with CIS, and I think most of us members would feel similar about that. I do hope the problems you were having do get sorted, and please give future versions a try sometime.
Don’t give up entirely on us, most of us are a good bunch I’m sure. Until then all the best to you.

I’m going to stick my 2 cents in which I try hard not to do too often. I think he was obviously discouraged and changing away from Comodo wasn’t really what he wanted to do, he wanted support. The thread started out well for a few posts and probably was going to salvage a dissatisfied user.Then it turned on him , and I don’t blame him for never coming back. It made me very proud how a few set out to handle this, not so proud when the pack formed. My advice is (and it doesn’t have to be taken) always leave a man a path to walk back if he doesn’t it’s his choice, but it makes Comodo bigger and stronger in everyone’s eyes. Thanks for your time,Rocky

When looking at his previous posts, it is rather obvious that he is not a spammer. He is just another CIS user who has a problem. Why does the moderators not take care of the real spammers in this forum? These spammers completely remove focus from the problem by mass posting their spam. The spammers can be split in 4 categories:

  1. Telling you about his or his wife’s new computer…Stuff that belongs in a chat forum for lonely persons.
  2. Telling you that Windows is self destructive and should be reinstalled every 3 month
  3. Telling you that he/she does not have your CIS problem on his/her computer.
  4. Telling you that all other programs are crab and should uninstalled.
    I am either stupid or brave, telling this truth. Last time I became stamped as rude because I asked the spammers to stop posting. Some of them are really pro, they post anyway, the guy telling about his wife’s new computer even copies his spam and send it several times.
    The serious posters who try to help, haven’t got a chance. Their reply’s drown in spam, from people using this forum as a chat forum. As long as CIS is not able to work together with a program like Process Explorer, without making complicated changes to the setup, it is essential that this forum is able to help the users. This guy gave up, I was 1mm from doing the same. Best regards. Nuser

Since i am no fan of reading romans I would like the OP to write very short what he has for program besides CIS.

do you have any further problems with CIS Nuser? :slight_smile:

Valentin N

No, thanks to you Valentin, CIS now works very well. Please notice that the trick must be done under “Protection settings”. If done under “Access rights” it won’t work properly. Otherwise only minor problems like: CAV detects hidden Windows registry entries as rootkits…
Well, this was off topic, sorry. Best regards. Nuser