I finally gave up!

Have you not noticed that several people here trying to help this man - mbrazil? If you read the posts, you can read carelessly. Almost every time, if anyone here on the forum asking for help, gets it. I myself got it here many times. One person here was really not very nice for mbrazil, but others have tried to help him.
Think about it before you judge all. Take care.

CIS has bad support from devs. Or because of lack of understanding or unability of reproduction or unwilling to test different OS and NT cores 5./6. etc. However it seems core-level components more or less became stable, devs. finally got it how to write WDMs & filters. However conflicts are still seen under cis usage. Thanks god not bsods but R3 crash of some apps occasionally. Maybe cis devs. in near future gain more exp. attending some like osr’s tech stuff or else and cis 6.0 will be nice stuff w/o conflicts to other s/w even security too. /only hope that those old bsods won’t appear as a regressions/. More time, better quality. So be that.

To i4u1. !ot! Now I am not here to make enemies as you would know this already. But in the Forum Policy it does state hostile or derogatory messages directed to any person is an unacceptable behaviour. Defamatory comes under derogatory, and I feel as if your signature is defaming our Mods. I personally think our Mods do a great job at doing their job. A Mod is supposed to keep the Forum intact, and to make sure Forum Policies are followed. Also things like moving topics to the right section etc. A Mod does not need expertise or technical knowledge, although this can be of benefit. Forum Moderators are for the good of the Forum. It also states in the Policy the Mods are to be treated as General users, and are open to have opinions the same as the rest of us. Please don’t take my comments to heart. Imo we should support our Vol Mods , and not treat them as the enemy. It makes no difference whether a Mod is an expert or not, they are General users and should be treated equal. Thanks for taking the time to read my off topic post. Kind regards. !ot!
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Specifically, the most significant problem I had was with cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe using excessive amounts of CPU cycles for no apparent reason. The only suggestions for resolving this I ever got were to exclude the CIS processes in MSSE, which I did (it helped for a while, but the problem returned), and to uninstall MSSE. Since MSSE works fine, and it caught some malware that CIS didn't (when I still had the CIS antivirus turned on), and since excluding the CIS processes in MSSE helped, but didn't eliminate the problem even with the CIS antivirus turned off, I wasn't willing to uninstall an app that was working well to try to get CIS to work right.
I was recently called to a very slow computer. Biggest problem turned out to be AVG and MSE; they also don't work together nicely. Sometimes security programs don't work together nicely. That leaves a question: what is causing these incompatibilities; who is to blame? Comodo, Microsoft, AVG, the use of programming techique A by company B causing problems with technique D used by companies E, F and G ....?
On top of that, CIS antivirus apparently cannot clean an infected file, since the only actions it ever offers when it finds an infection are to quarantine the file or to delete it. MSSE successfully removes malware from most infected files leaving the file intact and usable. Even PC Magazine's Neal Rubenking said, "Comodo Internet Security's antivirus scanner recognizes most threats, but fails to remove them properly."
Known. The AV of Comodo is "young"; removal is work in progress.
Try searching the Comodo forums for "cfp cpu" and "cmdagent cpu". There are close to 100 posts dating from 2006 through Feb. 2011 complaining of high cpu usage for these two processes. Even if these could all be resolved by removing some other company's software, it's a very strong indication that CIS has a problem, and since other security suites are able to run well in the exact same environment, Comodo should take a good, hard look at both the software and their user support policies. When there are a significant number of users reporting the same problem over a period of at least five years, there's something that isn't right, and trying to blame other software for the problem just doesn't cut it.
Only hundred reports over 5 years where by now several millions are using CIS? Not a bad score I would say.

I was only giving my wife’s and I experiences on CIS and for you complainers you make it sound as everyone who uses CIS has troubles with it and this isn’t the way it is in my opinion almost all the problems are either conflicts with other programs witch all programs have or user error on using CIS.

Ok… So I understand how you feel about CIS. I mean it crashed on me too a couple of times. I had to reinstall a bunch of stuff. I tried all other AVs but they seem to let an unknown virus in. I gave up and tried Comodo again. It’s finally working and hopefully no bugs arise. I am ok with you using outpost although people gave it bad reviews. Go with whatever suits you. ;D

Well, my experience is curiously the opposite! I’ve tried Outpost Security Free, and the installation was a nightmare. Extremely slow and no responsive, and this suite slowdown my computer. Far better Comodo, INMHO.