i don't understand the point in positions on forum members profiles

how is “comodo loves me” a position. what’s the purpose in the position. who does it benifit or is it something comodo just added for fun or whatever

It is a fun little smiley icon. What’s the big issue?
it is not offending anyone.

there is no big issue. my question was what is it for? and no it’s not a little smiley icon. it is text under your name on each post you make. it can also be located if you click profile at the top of any page on this forum. for example mine and your positions are “comodo’s hero” not a smiley icon. i have no idea what you thought i was talking about

I don’t know what this “fun little smiley icon” thing is either. But basically, most forums have titles based on how many posted you have, and this forum is no different. You can write tons of worthless posts (like me) and still be a Comodo’s Hero.

It doesn’t matter much. What really matters are mod/admin titles. :smiley:

ok thanks so it’s all based on how many post you make as to what your position is. thanks for clearing all that up. this is my first forum. i’m addicted to it. i logon using my phone which isn’t a smart phone so the browser sucks and makes it hard to navigate the site but i love this forum so much that i suffer through it lol

Oh. I find this forum interesting but sometimes boring. :stuck_out_tongue: And much too big. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi LaserWraith. Whether it be in the off topic section or anywhere else for that matter all contributions (except Forum policy violations of course) to a Forum help keep it alive. An active Forum is a good Forum, and you do contribute to this activity. Whether it be questions/answers or serious/funny it all helps keep the Forum active. I personally have had found you to be helpful at times and just purely interesting at other times, these are not worthless posts they are contributions.
I think it is nice that a Forum acknowledges these contributions by giving us these different titles, ackowledging the fact that we stuck around. Thanks LaserWraith and Kind regards to you.

Hey, a little self-pity does work. ;D

“except Forum policy violations of course”


“purely interesting at other times”

Ah yes. We have plenty of smart boring people here. They usually make all the money in life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since most contributors on this forum are Comodo’s Heros, though, the titles don’t always matter much (it just takes a couple hundred posts to get to that stage). What really matters is how many times you have been banned, which many are surprising reluctant to share. I estimate that the total time I’ve been banned for (all added together) is about three weeks. :smiley: During that time I made some friends. Sorta.

Jeremy, you’ve found this site boring after you lost your Modship

Oh yes. I’m still disappointed about not being able to read all the amusing conversations in that board.

If eXPerience hadn’t told/blamed me in an IM, I wouldn’t have known at all. 88)

But actually, it got more boring once ganda and some other funny people left.

Which board?

The Gossip Mod board, of course. Duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… Maybe someday I can learn something reading that board :slight_smile:

Not content with being an avast! mod, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a Moderator there. I’m an user.
I was until the Off Topic forum was closed on Monday, 19-09-05, 18h10 :slight_smile:

Ah, okay.

avast! forums were really enjoyable when I was there myself, I still remember S.Z. Craftec and Bob3160 and you too of course Tech and DavidR.

All a great bunch of people, wonder if you remember who I was :wink:

Also, why do they keep that off topic board around? If it’s closed why not just delete it? It only takes a moment.

Were you the good and old Justin? :slight_smile:

They kept it for history, posts counts, and a little sense of humor: Eh Eh, don’t do it again! ;D

Yeah, justin1278 :slight_smile:

Nice to know somebody remembers me :slight_smile:

Why…There you are justin1278 :slight_smile: where have you been all these years, and why have you given up on the Avast forum ???